Jackie’s Photo Story

This afternoon, while I was focussing on scenes of destruction, Jackie was producing her own set of me in action.

She began with my attention to the waves at Milton on Sea,

and progressed to picturing my descent down the undulating soggy slopes into the woods for my own photoshoot.


Here is her take on one of the fallen trees that I showed.

As she pointed out, this is a tree that must have fallen across the road, as indicated by sawn logs at one side and piled branches on the other.



  1. I enjoy seeing Jackie’s record of you at work. You watching the waves is an excellent shot – I got a sense of how you observe before raising the camera. It’s a difficult thing to capture waves at just the right moment! The other one I like is the close up of you, again just looking, within the forest. It gives excellent perspective to the size of the trees and again shows the contemplation that goes into a photographer’s work. It seems you are walking about quite confidently – onwards and upwards eh!! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks very much, Pauline. I really like the way you have interpreted these pics – with insight and the eye of a photographer. I did manage the slopes better than I had expected.

    2. I was interested to see how far his need to get a picture of certain subjects would take him! quite a long way down a sloping landscape it would seem! Very pleased that he went so far considering the terrain. J

  2. Be careful, Derrick. Soon we might demand a dedicated Jackie blog. Those photographs were so different and gave us a view of the forest we hadn’t seen before. Go Jackie!

  3. This is quite a lovely series. It’s especially nice to see you in the woods, for a bit of comparison with those trees. I knew they were large, but I didn’t realize exactly how large!

    1. I did , I was wondering just how far he was going! and if I would ever see him again.

  4. That is a story that tells a lot about your meandering and your keen eyes for subjects to shoot. You appear rapt, hungry fo photography, and lost in your quest. Thanks to Jackie for this pictorial chronicle, and for going farther and capturing scenes that you might be contemplating to capture.

  5. I enjoyed these perspectives, especially the one of you near the mossy tree trunk. A couple of the photos reminded me of “Where’s Nugget,” or rather, “Where’s Derrick?”

  6. I’ve got a brilliant idea for a blog for Jackie. It would be called “Where’s Derrick?” Ten pictures and he’s only in one of them. Or he’s in all of them, but extremely well hidden. And so on.

  7. Oh, Jackie! These are such wonderful photos! You kept a close watch on The Great Photographer AND you snapped some great photos of him at work! They are photos to treasure! πŸ™‚
    HA! Two of those photos did make me think of “Where’s Derrick?”, too! πŸ˜€ Fortunately, his beautiful hair clued me into where he was! πŸ˜‰
    HUGS to both of you!!! πŸ™‚

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