A Virtual Garden Walk

Having spent most of my life living or working in London, sometimes involving short or long distance commuting, I am so grateful that we moved to The New Forest in good time to escape the necessary lockdown of these times.

For those not so fortunate – those cooped up in tower blocks or the upper floors of flooded houses; those with young children clamouring for fresh air exercise; those without partners to share the isolation; those sharing it within fraught relationships; those without gardens to enjoy; those on the other side of the world now entering their winter,

I offer this




virtual garden walk on a bright spring day.

I spent much of the afternoon reading.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s colourful, tasty, and aromatic, pasta arrabbiata with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Mezquiez.


  1. What a marvelous montage, Derrick. And so thoughtful of you to post for the pleasure of us “isolated” folks. We had some excitement today when the hail storm came through! We posted about it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Your garden is always so lovely, Derrick! You both must have very green thumbs. I also keep thinking about those people who are shut in…

  3. And, as usual, I accept your offering with a great deal of pleasure. I am glad you two are safe and comfortable – you too got lots of house repairs and improvements made in good time – We have much to be grateful for! <3

  4. I know what you can do! Get a large sheet of paper and make a plan of the garden and write down a list of every different plant you have got in your garden. List under species and then varieties. Should keep you going till Christmas

  5. You live in a beautiful place, Derrick and Jackie, two wonderful people who express their love of life in their home and gardens. Thank you for sharing these garden scenes with readers!

      1. It will have to wait until the lock-down is over. What we have now is all we can work with for the duration. We have a truck load of stones coming later in the week for drainage and the base of the work area. The hard work begins….

  6. Thank you, Derrick. One could definitely get many wonderful virtual tours from going through your blog.
    I can imagine you are happy to be where you are. I was just saying to my daughter the other day that she must be happy she and her wife moved from Boston to western Massachusetts.
    It sounds like you had a lovely day, even with the restrictions.

  7. Seeing those pictures always makes me relax. What a lovely garden. I’m glad you have this place to be out in and be reminded of the world’s beauty.

  8. I have enjoyed photos of your beautiful garden, Derrick. I hope those people who are cooped up in close quarters, suffering from cabin fever, do not turn green with envy, but enjoy the virtual walk.

  9. What a thoughtful and generous post, Derrick. We’re not cooped up, but I still enjoyed the virtual tour.

  10. Your blog has the power to transcend the cooped up denizens of the land. Each of those images call for deeper scrutiny of nature at play. I wish we could utilise virtual reality, an equipment like Oculus Rift or Google Earthquake VR….

  11. Well said, Derrick – very touching. How much worse for a person who is getting knocked about by their partner with three toddlers in a tower block. They won’t even be able to make a secret call for help and could be arrested for doing a runner ?

    On a positive note, you have an adorable outdoor space. I hope you can enjoy the extended summer evening light.

  12. What a gorgeous haven you and Jackie have created, Derrick. I feel much the same way about my garden. I’m so glad I have a place to step outside and experience peace, quiet, and beauty. Take good care.

  13. From the gray sky, wheat-colored fields, and snow peaked mountain vistas of Montana to the spring-blazened colors of your garden, I was lovingly transported. How I thank you! Let me count the ways…

  14. A lovely gift Derrick.

    I share your relief at no longer having to commute and instead enjoying the delights of rural living.

    Stay well

    Regards Thom

  15. A wonderful offering indeed for those of us who are more or less cooped up. I just have the canal which my balcony gives on as a consolation and the park a short walk away.

  16. Ah, how a garden soothes the soul. Mine is just waking up…the dwarf iris are nearly spent but the daffs will pop today or tomorrow. Thank you for sharing these photos and your paradise with the world.

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