“Where’s Derrick?”

Knowing that the temperature would drop and the leaden canopy overhead become a leaky colander throughout the day, we held back Jackie’s sunlit images from yesterday afternoon.

She had transformed this second footpath across the Rose Garden from a few days ago

to this, having also re-fixed the windblown mirror to the back fence. The poppies in the first picture have all been relocated.

Elsewhere backlit borage;

sunlit azalea;

and shadowy lily of the valley also caught her eye.

After lunch today I took advantage of a minor lull in the precipitation from above and photographed raindrops

pendant from solanum;

pearling  libertia;

pooling pelargoniums;

douching heuchera leaves;

bejewelling rosebuds;

caressing Queen of the Night;

refreshing rhododendrons;

purifying pale pink pieris;

cleansing clematis;

and slithering down Viulcan magnolia.

Some flowers, such as hellebores,


and diurnal poppies, bowed their heads against the weight of the crown jewels.

While I was wandering around the garden Jackie, from the dry warmth of the kitchen,

photographed me in action.

She even managed “Where’s Derrick?” (1)

and (2)

This evening we dined on prawns: tempura prawns; prawns in hot, spicy batter; seeded prawn toasts; and Jackie’s savoury prawn, egg, and vegetable rice, followed by mixed fruit crumble and custard, with which she drank Heineken and I drank Piemonte Barbera 2016.









  1. The rain was so needed…. and those pictures of raindrops on petals so refreshing… Jackie made a wonderful job of that pathway and love the mirror idea… So much colour, your garden is so much more forward than ours up here in the East Mids.. Our Lilies of the Valley are only just poking their leaves through under our shrubs… 🙂 not a sign of bud even… But our bluebells are out.. <3
    Take care Derrick… 🙂 lovely pictures

  2. Found you too Derrick, I just looked for a white, or should I say ‘blond’ mop of hair. I love your garden it’s large enough to lose yourself in and beautifully managed. Your pictures are beautiful.

  3. That’s one of those hidden in plain sight pictures – I spent ages combing through and then, just when I was about to pronounce you had fallen flat on your face into the thicket of greenery, finally – ‘Duh!’ How could I not see that was you? I’d also spent some time at the very beginning admiring the header picture …… #2 Easy 🙂

    Lovely raindrops on flowers pictures <3

  4. Beautiful photos–I love the raindrops on the flowers and leaved (though I thought perhaps I shouldn’t look at the douching ones) ?.
    I think Jackie had fun with the “Where’s Derrick” photos, and I guess you both like prawns (it all looks delicious).

  5. When I was a child, May Day had nothing to do with revolutions or such. It was a day to pick violets and lily-of-the-valley, and make little baskets to share. Our May baskets were tiny things, and we’d leave them on porches for neighbors and friends — with not a clue about the source. That was part of the fun — doing something nice for someone with no regard for thanks.

  6. As a contribution to the hair colour debate – I like the description “arctic blonde”, which I heard on TV a while ago. If you want to hide you really need a hat!

    Some great flower photos and raindrop shots.

      1. Large nuggets also run in our family; I can attest. My son was born the day after his twin sister via C section. It’s always fun to bring that up given half a chance.

  7. Your bejeweled flowers were a delight to behold. The mirror is a nice touch, too. And what fun to spot you hiding behind that bush.

  8. Raindrops on flowers are Nature’s poetry. Those have been captured masterfully and lovingly. I didn’t even have to enlarge the image in the quiz to find you in the centre of the universe despite Jackie’s attempt to camouflage you well among the greenery.

  9. We spotted you, Derrick! 🙂 The photos are beautiful, and I especially love the Lilies of the Valley. That was one of my mother’s favorites, along with peonies.

  10. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.

    I like the idea of a mirror in the garden. I have one just waiting for the just right place. For now I just keep moving it around.

      1. 🙂 When travel restrictions lift I plan to check the recycling centres and local garage sales. Do you have garage sales there? (Local residents selling unused items from their storage shed or drive ways)

          1. OH….I love car boot sales.

            Garage sales are basically the same but the stuff is left at home. The lookers go to them usually on Saturdays. There are people who travel from place to place every weekend. A bit weird but each to their own.

  11. The photographs are just gorgeous and the raindrops are stunning.
    I found you on both photographs, a fun challenge!

    We had a grey cloudy day but no rain until the evening, the newly manured fields were crying out for the soaking.

  12. I found your legs and toes…then I found your beautiful hair! 🙂
    Delightful Derrick depiction* duo! 😀

    * depiction as in picture, photo 🙂

    Love the light and shadow photos, too…AND the raindrop-jewel photos! All lovely! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  13. Marvellous to see how the garden changes from one day to the next during Spring.
    Evening meal looks divine.
    First rain here overnight for almost 4 weeks. Farmers will be celebrating!

  14. Oh my, that backlit borage is magnificent! Your photography is National Geographic worthy! I had fun with the “Where’s Derrick?” theme today. Thanks, Jackie and Derrick, for starting my day with a smile. <3

  15. Raindrops on flowers? What could be more exquisite? I found you both times, but I had to enlarge the first picture. I suppose that is a form of cheating. 😉

  16. Queen of the Night is one of my favorite large tulips – especially when bejeweled! I spotted you behind the large shrub, on the path with the urn.

  17. I spotted you behind the tree before the blown up image showed you. What a lovely tour of your garden. Kudos to both of you for maintaining and sharing such beauty

  18. Oh, to have poppies volunteer is my dream. I love them but can barely keep them alive for one year, let alone two. The path looks so nice and tidy after Jackle’s hard work.

    And that dinner looks amazing!

  19. I am finding the pictures from your garden so soothing, Derrick. I love all the sunny ones that Jackie took and seeing all the evidence of her hard work is very satisfying. I also really like the raindrop embellished flowers; they are extremely beautiful.

  20. WP gremlins were at it again yesterday, but I think they are gone today. I love raindrops on roses, as well as all the rest of the beautiful flora in your garden, Derrick.
    Since you are somewhat bigger than Nugget, you are easy to spot, especially in the first photo where you have just stepped further into the greenery than in the previous picture. In the second one your head is clearly visible in the very center of the photo.

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