A Tiled Gallery

Although the sun shone most of the day, clouds scudded across the cerulean sky, being swept along by swirling winds of 40/50 m.p.h.

My main task was to cart the three bags of horse manure gathered yesterday along to the compost bins and work it in. The wind made this a rather hazardous trip by rolling small empty plastic plant containers across the paths in an effort to trip me up. I had been rash enough to carry a very full bag into the car, not taking into account that lifting it to the top of the compost pile required quite a bit of oomph and resulted in a certain amount of soggy spillage.

Jackie toured the garden with her camera this morning, and this afternoon I produced this gallery of her efforts. One of the facilities I missed when I abandoned the Gutenberg editor and reverted to the Classic was the tiled gallery, operating a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. What I was left with was a gallery which cropped images to make them fit.

Another improvement we now have is that the Header Picture is the one of my choice and is not randomly cropped.

The Head Gardener has photographed roses, irises, rhododendrons, foxgloves and other plants with a variety of locations. The titles are each shown on the individual pictures. The gallery can be accessed with a click on any image.

This evening we dined on more of Jackie’s most tasty liver and bacon casserole served with creamy mashed potato and swede; crunchy carrots; and tender cabbage with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank water.


  1. I always love best the scenic shots of your garden – the ones where the layout and busyness might be glimpsed and which include some aspect of the house. Including gardeners, visitors and familiars never goes astray either. Today’s opening photo is one of my all time favourites – but there is also a very long list of previous all time greats……

  2. The best editor is the original editor in my view, it’s simple and just works. The photos are so fantastic, well done!!

  3. Yikes, you really did get stuck with a stinky job today, didn’t you?! Aaron will be glad that wasn’t his responsibility the next time he visits. haha

  4. The photo at the top is beautiful. It could easily fit into some glossy magazine spread of beautiful country gardens.
    All of the individual flowers are lovely, too. The soggy spillage does not sound pleasant. I hope no spillage landed on you.
    I must be using some early WP editor. I don’t think I have a choice of fonts.

  5. The 2nd iris photo looks like a work of art, maybe a realists masterful decoupage? It is a stunning flower and a gorgeously detailed image. Good for you and your ooomph, Derrick, a trait I’m lacking of late, except to hoist the daily quarantini. Liver tasty? At least you didn’t drink it with Chianti and a side of fava beans.

  6. The irises are beautiful. Your gallery has a lovely combination of purples and yellows. I’m going to have to try making a gallery one day.

  7. The irises are beautiful and so are other flowers I can’t identify. But my hands-down favorites are the doorway corner, framed by the tree, and the final photo with the fleur-de-lis. I like seeing the depth of your garden – and the “spot the owl” game, too!

  8. Those photographs are a joy to behold. I laughed hard at your attempt to cart rather ambitious bag of horse manure. The description is lively and humourous.

  9. That first picture was a good choice for a header. It’s a scene the draws the viewer in so that you feel as though you’re standing there in bright sun and blue shade with all the colors of spring: pink and green, orange, white and purple. I’m struck to day with the beauty of the irises, especially the blue one. It’s so feminine, reminds me of a pretty dress.

  10. I love Jackie’s gallery of flowers, I am so jealous, we no longer have a flower garden, just lawns and pots!

    Having previously given up on Blocks because it was too slow, I went back to the Gutenberg Blocks Editor yesterday.

    I found it faster and more responsive than my previous visits. It’s very simple to use and adding a gallery is straight forward, and compared to the Classic it is visually superior. Adding single images is not as speedy because when adding more than one image it automatically makes a gallery without giving us an option, therefore single images need to be added one by one.

    Another downside is not being able to drag text to a different position, but seeing as right clicking and cut and paste is still an option it isn’t really a hardship.

    I would imagine the amount of blocks on offer would put people off, but it’s rather like programs on a washing machine where we only ever use a couple, same kind of thing here.

    For anyone still apprehensive there’s always the Classic Block, now that would certainly make people feel more comfortable and ease the way into using blocks and they still have the option of a tiled gallery.

    I ended up creating a simple help sheet for the help category (How To) on my other site Weekly Prompts, I’ll probably publish later today after I’ve shown GC.

    1. Andrew and Derrick,

      The view was fine on my iPad and also normal on my PC both with Google Chrome and Firefox.

      By the way Derrick, I do like the font, which one is it, and have you bolded the text?

      1. It must be my old browser which I fear is not compatible with the new editor. I have had the same issue with a couple of other sites. Looks like I will have to use the tablet to access the Reader in future even though I prefer the PC.

          1. The PC is old and some time ago it caught a virus which did a lot of damage. I managed to mend it so that I can use it but some things were beyond repair. Since the event I am prevented for some reason from using Chrome of Firefox so I am left with IE which is becoming more and more redundant.
            I should buy a replacement.
            I never waste money on anti-virus software any more because whatever it was got straight through it!

          2. Oh No!
            I picked up a tip from one of our school IT engineers. He said virus’s often affect the one account that was being used at the time of the attack and it blocks the antivirus from working , but If you create a new account and run a free version of Super Anti Virus. It might clear the problem. But I guess it’s probably too late now.

          3. I need a new PC or Laptop.
            I am going to wait until 1st June to see if any more Worpress changes have a negative impact.
            Thanks for the anti-virus tip.

  11. Jackie and Derrick,
    Oh, what a masterpieces-gallery of beautiful flowers and their stunning portraits! πŸ™‚ Such color! Smile-bringers! πŸ™‚

    What a good helper you are, Derrick…even willing to help with the stinky, but necessary, parts of gardening. πŸ™‚

    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  12. A lot of people have mentioned changes to WordPress but I haven’t noticed anything different. Perhaps the changes haven’t made their way to the Southern Hemisphere yet!! I love your first photo. The white walls make a perfect backdrop.

    1. Thank you very much, Jane. The new editor is to become the default on 1st June. Then, we are told, we will have the option to revert to Classic, but we will have to make that choice.

  13. The two of you are hard workers, Derrick! I enjoyed Jackie’s photo tour of the gardens. Our rhodies are finally blooming now, too. πŸ™‚

  14. You drank water? By choice? Why?? I would drink gallons of it if someone made me eat liver for dinner!! It’s one of the few foods in the world that I just can’t get myself to swallow. But maybe it’s because I have not experienced Jackie’s casserole that adds bacon to it, hmmm?? Your flowers are gorgeous – and Jackie’s photos are wonderful. I love your “cerulean” sky description. Had to look that one up. Makes me happy when you increase my vocabulary. Thanks, Derrick. <3

      1. I knew there had to be a reason. I’m happy to know whatever was ailing you has passed and you’re feeling up to par again. Have a blessed week, Derrick. <3

  15. Good Morning Derrick, I have managed to load this post successfully…problem was my internet connection. Fabulous photos, so much colour, your roses must smell divine…did I spot a Black Eyed Susan, we have one too? πŸ™‚

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