Clogged Up With Visitors

This afternoon I printed photographs for Aaron, Mark, and Steve, of their tree-cutting work of three days ago. Some profile pictures are about to be changed.

Late on a very dull afternoon we drove to Keyhaven to catch the last of the meagre light.

There is so very little graffiti in the New Forest that our granddaughter, Flo thought she must be an “alternative universe” when she saw no graffiti on carved wooden benches in Ringwood. A rare example adorns the

Electricity Sub-Station in Barnes Lane, where we now notice crosses on the trees alongside warning signs on the gates.

Saltgrass Lane in Keyhaven was clogged up with the transport of

visitors walking, kite surfing or sailboarding.

This evening we dined on chicken thighs marinaded in Nando’s chilli and mango sauce served with Jackie’s savoury vegetable rice accompanied by Hoegaarden in her case and more of the Merlot in mine.


  1. Our light fades fast, lately too. I came in from working in the yard thinking it was time to start dinner because the sun was so low. It was 3:00! Dinner sounds delicious.

  2. For a moment there I thought you must have visited the school where I used to work, the back wall of the kitchen looks just like the one shown here. Ours has paintings of dinosaurs.

  3. Interesting shots! I always enjoy seeing people walking on the horizon. It looks adventurous. In my mind, street art is graffiti that I happen to like.

  4. The surfeit of warnings on the electricity substation leaves one in no doubt of instant execution of the cumulative promise. The collection of images of wind-surfers is excellent.

  5. Ah Nando’s – a South African ‘born’ company. Their sauces are delicious. You have not only depicted the gloominess of the day, but successfully shown how you, Jackie and a host of others do not allow the dull conditions to get you down!

  6. Nando’s are here in New Zealand as well – although not many of them…I’m not a hot sauce kind of person, so not on my radar.
    Looking at the wind surfers and remembering our severe lockdown – all sports and particularly anything relating to water was banned. Reason that if there was an emergency that put so many at risk as the services tackled those needing help with c/19 – boaties were very unhappy!

  7. Ooh! Love seeing the kite surfers and sailboarders!!! πŸ™‚ Great photos, Derrick! πŸ™‚
    How nice of you to give Aaron, Mark, and Steve photos of them at work! πŸ™‚
    Mango anything is YUM in my book! πŸ™‚
    That be a LOT of warning signs. Are the red X’s just further warning?
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Some beautiful photographs of the kites in the air and an excellent point too from GP Cox about mango sauce, although my vote goes above all to mango chutney which is magical on cheese sandwiches.

  9. My favorite dish is coconut shrimp with a mango/habanero sauce. I suspect Jackie’s dish might equal it. I do have to tell you that I finally gave in to the influence of you and Jackie and made a shepherd’s pie night before last. I’d forgotten how good the leftovers are!

  10. lovely header photo, Derrick. lots of fun autumn water activities. it must be chilly out there. delicious dinner as always! πŸ™‚

  11. Oh how I would love to experience these water activities! Someday for sure.
    Glad to know you and Jackie are still enjoying delicious food and drink!

  12. Lots of action today! Crosses on trees are usually as welcome as crosses on the door in times of plague. Usually means something bad. It is strange how vandalism became graffiti, which became street art. Interesting point about the definition being based on how much we like it. We recently had a Banksy in Nottingham and had to protect it from vandalism. Modern life…
    In th header picture you can see it now has a perspex sheet over it (which has been cleaned after a graffiti attack), and someone has stolen the bike.

  13. Mmmm… chicken thighs marinaded in chili and mango sauce… sounds like something I should try for our dinner tonight. Thanks for the idea. <3

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