Patient Access

Jackie and I each subscribe to Patient Access, being a site to test the patience of anyone, let alone patients considerably older than the designers of this facility.

The idea is to offer a secure method of ordering regular medication, presumably safe for anyone subject to excitable blood pressure, yet definitely to be avoided by valetudinarians.

Persistent, tenacious, and generally even-tempered am I, yet there is nothing more likely to blow my equanimity than a system presumably created for seniors with limited computer skills which constantly adds new hoops to leap through in order to gain admission. Today I had such a problem managing to “Set up two-factor authentication with a third-party app” from which I was timed out each time I attempted it.

What, may I ask in my ignorance, is one of those?

That was enough to spark my impatience. On this overcast afternoon following last night’s rainfall, we drove to our GP surgery where the very helpful and understanding receptionist, knowing exactly our position which was shared by themselves and so many others, took details of our requests that will provide information to be completed by the pharmacist on a prescription form. In other words we are back to the paper method.

After this, we took a short forest drive to test my eyes.

The theme of the new postbox decoration at Tiptoe escapes me. Perhaps my brain has been overtaxed.

A grazing grey pony was easy to pick out among the moorland gorse flanking Holmsley Passage

which was crossed by an ambling cow further up the hill.

We safely negotiated a pair of horse riders on Bisterne Close, where

the seasonal verge pool now carried buttercups, water buttercups, and budding irises.

This evening’s dinner consisted of further helpings of Jackie’s authentic chicken jalfrezi meal.


  1. You have many beautiful photos today, guys! The new theme on the post box looks odd, what is it? When I refill prescriptions, I simply call my local Walgreen’s drug store and the photo system takes my request. I then usually pick it up after 11 the next morning. Simple! And, I take a lot of medications so this is frequent.

      1. Thanks very much John and Sylvie. All photos taken through the open car passenger window

    1. Thank you very much, John. I can’t make sense of the caterpillar, leprechaun, and bunting theme

  2. I have had a couple of experiences with two factor authentication. One includes using a phone app that sends me a four digit number that I then have to include once a month when trying to log into a virtual world. Usually whatever I am trying to access (often from a different computer), a code is sent to my cellphone which I have to put into an onscreen form. If this happens while I am using my cellphone to access whatever the program is, I am usually out of luck unless I happen to have a pencil and paper available to copy it. I have timed out more than once. Someday it may be stroked out rather than timed out . I hear and feel your pain, Derrick.

  3. Another new word for me: “valetudinarian”! My favorite photo is the second one with the gray pony. The first one would have been first, but the pony turned his head.

  4. I do not know what your system of online medication ordering is, but unfortunately, the two-factor authentication with a third-party app seems quite popular everywhere, from colleges to banks, and yes! – to medical and pharmaceutical services. Most consumers, rather than only those specifically concerned about their health, get lost in that electronic labyrinth.

    1. So, I understand, Dolly. And all geared towards mobile phone apps. Thank you very much

  5. Recently prescription madness has arrived in my inbox. Twice a text suggesting repeats ready, I clicked through and only one…whereas their are actually 3! Ignored for now, prefer to just “go and get” when I’m ready. Technology gone bonkers IMHO ????

  6. Recently prescription madness has arrived in my inbox. Twice a text suggesting repeats ready, I clicked through and only one…whereas their are actually 3! Ignored for now, prefer to just “go and get” when I’m ready. Technology gone bonkers IMHO ????

  7. I don’t want to tempt fate, but my experince with Patient Access is very painless and I even get a handy text message to tell me when my prescription is ready. I wondered if there was a leprechaun element in your post box topper.
    A good set of pictures today.

    1. Thanks very much, Tootlepedal. I spent a good time googling leprechauns and caterpillars but couldn’t get the reference

  8. I share a similar frustration in not being able to sign up with my clinic’s online Patient Portal. Looks like a caterpillar fell on the head of a leprechaun 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Rosaliene. That is all I can make of the postbox, but I imagine it must be a reference I don’t know

  9. I’m sorry you had such a frustrating time, but I’m glad the receptionist was able to help you. I love the shots of the grey pony on the moorland.

  10. Hi Derrick – I completely understand your frustration with websites and new sign-in requirements, and all the technology that goes along with them. At the library where I work, I help a lot of older people trying to do some of the very same things. I’m glad your GP has set you back up with the paper method. On another note, I love that black and white cow!

  11. I can relate to the frustrations computer systems. The hoops keep getting more ridiculous. My guess is the post box decor could be just for fun. But a theme may develop. I love grey ponies.

  12. Oh, yes! My wife has similar problems filling out forms for reimbursements for our daughter’s respite care. They keep “improving” the system – Liz had to re-enter her information when they changed the name of the program. ????
    Much of the designs, many of the improvements and changes to these various applications assume you are using either a phone or a tablet, rather than a computer – keeps doing the same thing.
    Lovely photo once again – delightful animals moving about the countryside. 🙂
    My guess is the ornament is supposed to be a a lttle man/elf with a catapiller on his hat. ????

    1. Thanks very much, Joseph. You are surely right about the phone assumption.

  13. Derrick, I Eid think that living in the country, as I believe you do, would be one of the best things to keep your equanimity on an even keel. Being surrounded by free roaming animals must have s calming effect on anyone’s nerves. But, the bureaucracy can drive the calmest person NUTS! As our former President, Ronald Reagan, once quipped, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. Anyway, ‘two-factor authentication’ is an excellent security technique to protect your privacy in today’s internet world.

  14. Thank you for the ride, Derrick. If it’s any consolation I’ve started computers 50 years ago (punch cards) (which I probably already mentioned) (Where are my memory tablets?), and I’ve kept up with development over the years. But now?
    I’m saturated. Two step authentication? Come on. The other day I was asked to photograph a QR on my TV to access a programme… ????
    Paper can still be the best option…
    All well?

  15. I’m so glad the receptionist was so helpful!
    Your photos are gorgeous…I especially love the last 3…the buttercups reflected, the budding irises, and pool of water! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️

  16. I’m sorry you’re having so many problems.
    For many years my GP’s practice has operated ‘SystemOnline’ They also took part in the National Pilot scheme before it was released to the rest of the country. I have a username and password and order my prescriptions via my phone, 24 hours later I collect from my local pharmacy.

    I also use Airmid UK which I think is a GP/NHS facility where I can order my prescriptions and see my medical records including test results and hospital letters, it uses the same username and password, but for ease of use I also set up face recognition on my phone.

    Once you become familiar with your set up I’m sure you’ll find it very useful.

    1. I don’t think I will be using it, Sue, unless someone younger can set it up. Thank you very much

  17. I can understand your frustrations with sign-ins. While trying to protect the user, it seems they make things way too complicated. I love all of the photos, especially the black and white ambling cow.

  18. Everything I do online seems to require “two factor” authentication. If I lose my cell phone, I will no longer be able to do medical or banking things online. I find it extremely annoying too. I must do my husband’s online business because he can’t manage it.

    1. Thanks very much, Sherry. Everything seems to be designed for phones.

  19. Some of these new methods of signing in leave the user with a single point of failure and possible security breach – cell phones can be misplaced, lost or stolen! The security problem is a war that continually escalates as the bad actors find new ways around the current methods of thwarting them.

  20. Fortunately, our local GP surgery has a fairly good telephone ordering system for repeat prescriptions. The only drawbacks are that it takes 3 days (manageable), you don’t always know if they’re ‘closed for training’ (irritating as it’s a 14 mile round drive) and they won’t dispense more than a month ahead. Apparently, this is to avoid waste – which I understand, but it hardly fills me with confidence in my survival prospects.

  21. It’s nice to see pictures of buttercups. The postbox decoration looks like a garden gnome with a caterpillar on it head. A bit of an oxymoron. I despise these on line services for elderly people. I have to do it for mum, dad and my aunt. Poor aunt can’t type as her fingers are so swollen with arthritis.

  22. I love the grazing grey pony and the black/white cow looking very pregnant to me! I relate to your frustration with those programs that challenge us with two party authentication that stump us at the one party stage. Grueling! Glad you got help at the right place! Bless you, Derrick. You are not alone!!

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