Clear Water

Pink sky streaks sent me out in the bright, chill, morning with my camera,

and perhaps led me to the hues of gladiolus, Dr Ruppel, Mamma Mia, Lady Emma Hamilton, this particular climbing rose, pelargonium, and carpet rose.

High up in the copper beech I think it was a blackbird serenading.

We took an early drive into the forest, and, enabling me to wander around the banks of Ibsley Water, Jackie parked her modus near the ford.

Angled sunlight cast long reflections on the rippling surface and penetrated the clear water to the shingle bed.

The gnarled oaks beneath Rockford Sand Pit have almost shed their foliate canopies.

While Jackie sat in the car an inquisitive jackdaw eavesdropped on her

animated conversation with a friendly robin. Our red-breasted friends do seem to be lingering in the woodlands.

Elizabeth visited us this evening and stayed for dinner which consisted of Jackie’s wholesome shepherd’s pie; crunchy carrots; firm Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower, with meaty gravy, followed by apple and gooseberry crumble and custard. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and my sister and I drank Adam Mason South African Merlot 2019.


  1. A perfectly pink morning sky, pink blooms and a sunny drive through the forest! I enjoyed all the photos from your day, Derrick and Jackie, and I am impressed by all the color you still have in your garden. Here, we are down to a few intrepid dandelions, blooming low near their rosettes.

  2. So many beautiful photos! I’m intrigued by the shape in these tree trunks. The ones hugging the banks and leaning over make me wonder what their roots look like to be so well anchored.

  3. Water asks to be photographed – clear water especially so. I enjoy fence posts too and to find a robin was chatting to Jackie is a real bonus!

  4. I love your photos of the pink sky and the forest Images.
    Maybe that’s it, the weather just not cold enough in the south. Very chilly here and I’ve spotted a couple of robins hopping about the garden.

  5. OH! What beautiful pink-sky majestic-trees photos!
    And you know I love all the birdies and your photos of them!
    Of course, the robin makes me think of Nugget…I wonder and wonder about him.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  6. Prachtig! Alles, rozen in december, knoestige eiken zonder bladeren, zonlicht in het heldere water, en dat roodborstje is de kers op de taart … Ja, daar maak je zó honderd foto’s van, voor je er zelf erg in hebt … Ik denk, dat hij een prof is … , weet het wel zeker … , iedereen fotografeert hem/haar/het roodborstje dus … Elfriede, 2 december 2020 * *

  7. I looked up Ibsley Water because I hadn’t heard of it, google says near Salisbury I’ve never been to the New Forest it looks beautiful. I love Robins I don’t see many in London but my parents have one in their garden. The colour of the bottom of the water is just stunning. Best wishes Charlotte

  8. I seem to have missed this post, too! So many stunning photos–those pink skies and your header are gorgeous, but I like the bird shots, too. I was wondering about Nugget and the other robins. We seem to have lots of our robins about.

  9. The weeping birch has sprung to life against the crepuscular sky. The trellis of boughs silhouetted in sky and water continue the saga. Where is our friend Nugget?

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