Travel Challenge Reveal

The 10 day travel challenge required no explanation of the chosen pictures. Now is the time to elaborate a bit.

Day 1 featured a splendid toyshop in, I believe, Monpazier, one of southwest France’s Bastide towns, which I visited with friends Maggie and Mike in September 2003. More about such towns, with photographs, appears in

The woman in the red cardigan clutching her handbag appeared on Day 2. In September 1982 she paddled in the seawater on Bréhec beach in Brittany during a holiday Jessica, Sam, Louisa, and I took with friends Ann and Don. More can be see here:

On Day 3, Jessica stands on Place Fell in Cumbria on 18th August 1992. More images of this trip are found in with evidence of the reason for my title.

The sunset appearing on Day 4 lit the Atlantic Ocean off Barbados in March 2004 while Sam was completing his epic row. A group of us were following Kilcullen, a support boat for the Ocean Rowing Society’s annual race, first featured in

Further images from that trip and something about the race appear in

While on holiday at Instow in Devon in the summer of 1985 we took where the photograph appearing on Day 5 was produced. Sam leads Louisa and Jessica up stone wall steps.

Day 6 features a disused slate mine outside Cerrigydrudion in North Wales where Matthew, Becky, Jessica, Sam, Louisa and I stayed in the summer of 1983. There is more on

My uncertainty about Monpazier mentioned at Day 1 shows that my knowledge about where I’ve been can become a bit hazy when I haven’t kept notes. My Day 7 picture is a case in point. I needed an alert reader to point out that this was my first visit to Mousehole, made on honeymoon with Vivien in March 1963. The significance of this photograph is explained in

Day 8 features Port St Charles, Barbados, in March 2004, where Sam is mooring his boat, Pacific Pete. In the background can be seen building work. This is the relevant original post:

During the years I travelled to London to visit my friend Norman I regularly walked across Westminster Bridge where, in July 2013, I was approached by the five women who were on holiday at Day 9. The encounter, and others, is described in

Jackie and I enjoyed our honeymoon in Ockley in March 1968. In Day 10’s photograph she looks down on the Surrey countryside from the top of

I am aware that this series may present some confusion to more recent readers who may not have read

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I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

42 thoughts on “Travel Challenge Reveal

  1. Beautiful collection. My favorite is of the woman in the water with her hat, sweater, and pocketbook. It really speaks to me: No matter how you are dressed, get in the water and have fun. Do it. Seize the day.

  2. Dus u was in 2003 al aan het bloggen … De computer … , maar sinds wanneer hebben we dan WordPress? Ik loop met hun mee te klooien; hun soft-ware stond nog in de kinderschoenen en ik had al die tijd gratis mogen bloggen …
    Ja, word wide web … Vijftig jaar geleden was ik miss univers … Nu … , leef nog wel en daarmee is alles gezegd.
    * * Amsterdam, 21 – 12 – 2020 and have a nice krismis!

      1. I contacted the Askimet folks regarding the SPAM dungeon problem, as it started happening again today. They say they have made some tweaks which should help going forward. 🙂

  3. YAY for the reveal! This was fun…I feel like we traveled with you and had fun adventures!
    And I bet you enjoyed going down Memory Lane while sharing your photos! 🙂
    Thank you!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. A great series of images. It’s nice how travel for you is bound up with people. The one with the stone beach wall amused me – if you aren’t familiar with seaside walls, they might seem to be ascending without steps.

  5. I was fascinated by the Cumbria terrain photos! And I love the photo of Jackie in 1968. I bet you have more of those somewhere with both of you. 🙂

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