This afternoon we took a crisp sunshine forest drive.

Jackie waited in Brownhills car park while I wandered along the

largely waterlogged roadside verges for a while.

This was a day for family walks. While certain spots were decidedly overcrowded, lesser known areas like Bisterne Close, where Jackie parked the Modus, were safe enough.

I trampled on the waterbeds that were the soggy autumn leaves.

As always, some trees were lichen laden; others stretched gnarled limbs to the skies; many, broken, lay where they fell – among them

basking ponies slumbered or chomped on holly leaves.

One fallen giant gathering foliage was decidedly waterlogged.

Many roadsides, like this one at South Gorley, were more like lakesides.

Nearby, I was soon surrounded by silently demanding donkeys desiring to supplement their diets with anything I might have brought them.

One solitary Gloucester Old Spot sploshed, salivating over squishy mast, at the bottom of Gorley Hill, well irrigated by a Winterbourne stream running down it.

Throwing long shadows, cattle grazed on the slopes above,

while hazy sun picked out inquisitive field horses and slender willow sprays.

On our return along Hordle Lane lingering sunset illuminated lines of leafless oaks.

This evening we dined on crisp oven fish and chips, green peas, sage cornichons, and pale ochre pickled onions, with which we both drank white Cotes de Gascoigne 2019.


  1. Worrying that it has already been so wet – we have dug trenches all along the field, and they were gushing today – astonishingly fast moving as it raced along, seemingly unendingly…
    Your tree trunk ‘basin’ is just lovely – I wonder if the birds use it as a bird bath?!
    One bonus of the shorter days is that we are able to enjoy the lovely sunsets earlier, set off by those magnificent dark tree skeletons. πŸ™‚

    1. I hope your fields drain off the surplus, Emma. I imagine the birds would use the basin except that they are not short of pools. Yes – it is the season for sunsets. Thanks very much.

  2. Waterlogged indeed – and that fallen tree photo reminded me of a study prompt- had a timeless feel
    And thanks again for joyous nature photos even if I now need a towel – hahaha jk

  3. What a beautiful set of forest drive photos, Derrick and Jackie! That one willow looks like its drooping branches are made of fiberoptic glass! The ponies, Donkeys and cows seem to be enjoying their sunny afternoon. Even the Gloucester Old Spot looks pleased! I am glad that portly porker kept their nose to the muddy mast crop, and did not try to decorate your trousers with mud. πŸ™‚

  4. The willow branches are absolutely ethereal. I like the hazy horses and sunset too. Perhaps the water in the log will quench thirsty animals in dry times.

  5. All beautiful…even waterlogged…you got some amazing photos!
    And those last two photos are so gorgeous!
    Lovin’ the donkeys, as always!
    Your evening meal sounds lovely! We made homemade Zuppa Toscana for our evening meal. πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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