First Out Of The Traps

A heavy slate canopy kept the light dull and the rain away today.

Jackie continued her clearance work in the Pond Bed (so named because it has been laid out by our predecessors on the shallow base of a pond). She has cleared most of the invasive alliums and even enjoyed the pleasure of planting up a pot.

The Japanese maples are now freer features. “Where’s Jackie?” (7)

My task was weeding the Shady Path. Starting at the Rose Garden end I just about reached Florence sculpture, from where I could observe the

burgeoning of the rhododendron on the corner of the Palm Bed, and listen to the birdsong which had been absent yesterday.

It wasn’t exactly the song of birds that entertained Jackie – more the baby starlings clamouring for food, until their Dad, as soon as the Assistant Photographer raised her camera, sounded the alarm and all became quiet. With considerable patience, she managed a shot of the infant she thinks will be first out of the traps.

This evening we dined on Mr Chan’s excellent fare from Hordle Chinese Take Away, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Malbec.


  1. The rhododendrons are beautiful, but I also love the photos of Jackie with her beautiful smile. That baby starling is so cute, too. ?

  2. I love the “Where’s Jackie?” shot! Yay for Chinese Takeaway! I checked out their menu, Derrick. I love that they offer Fish and Chips as well.

  3. I, too, love the ‘Where’s Jackie’ shot!
    Your rhododendrons are well ahead of those in Sussex!
    A super photo of the Starlings – Your contender for being first off the blocks does look pretty determined, so I think you may be right πŸ™‚

  4. Both shots of Jackie are good, but that first one is the best photo I’ve seen of her. Great smile. Lovely to see the birds, as well.

  5. I think Jackie must always be a cheery, optomistic person.

    I will go and look online, but it seems the alliums must be related to the geraniums and pelargoniums.

  6. Fun to see the starlings. We have plenty in our yard, and they love the suet we’ve been putting out. I do believe that our starlings came originally from Britain, or at least somewhere in Europe. (Same with those sparrows) Jackie’s shots are very very nice!

  7. The garden has the two of you engrossed in maintenance. Jackie’s head has become part of the canopy of Japanese maple. I am anticipating interesting bird photography of the upcoming brood.

  8. Spring looks beautiful there, and I enjoy these garden photos. I found Jackie mid the red maple, too. πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed the photos of the starling baby and the father bird, and also look forward to more pictures of the nestlings.

  9. There is never ‘nothing’ to do in a garden. I tackled weed in the slightly softened ground yesterday and can feel my efforts in my hops this morning. At least, once it is light, I will be able to admire the results of my efforts!

  10. A fine view of nature in your garden, colours and life evolving. Some with a helping human hand that brings out the best, even some weeds create a cover whilst other more wanted plants rest and energize for a blaze of summer color. And finally birds find a place to rear a brood within the sanctuary of your garden

  11. I can’t keep up with filling the bird feeders, if it’s not the sqirrels it the extra birds that are feeding families. Good to see them though.

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