Meet Ivy

In the heavy heat of this morning, silent but for the tinkling Rose Garden water feature, the distant mooning of a solitary wood pigeon, and the snuffling chuntering of a neighbour’s dog from the other side of the fence as I progressed down the back drive, I carried out extensive dead heading while Jackie weeded beds, watered wilting plants, and tied back strays.

This afternoon we attended Shelly and Ron’s barbecue at which we were all to meet Ivy, our new great niece.

Here are a few of the family and friends present.

It is also David’s birthday. Here he opens his card from his parents, Helen and Bill.


  1. Welcome to the world, Ivy! You are a cutie! You are surrounded with love! <3
    Happy Birthday to David! πŸ™‚
    What a lovely day with beautiful memories made! πŸ™‚ And your wonderful photos captured them for Ivy to see many years from now! πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  2. The weather was certainly very kind for “Ivy’s” family barbecue day Derrick … a sign of good forune for Ivy.. Cheers to all …

  3. Derrick, what a wonderful day . Your photos truly tell a story. But to look in another direction. The popn of England is just a bit more than double that of Australia. On Monday England had 22,501 new Covid Cases. Australia had 1,120. There is no way on earth that I could visit my daughter who lives three kms away without incurring a substantial fine. Also if I met her in the street we could stop and chat but we would need to be wearing masks. I have a friend in the UK – as you know – who has trouble with losing her hair through stress. She is a nurse. Can you shed some light on the obvious differences between Covid UK and Covid Aust?

    1. I would say that we are both islands and you have far more space in which to keep your distance. We have been wide open to incomers and were slow to realise quite what the world was in for. Vaccination has reduced the death rate but we still have too many who won’t accept that protection. Maybe your state boundaries have helped – we can’t close counties. Thanks very much, John

      1. I think we were very positively reactive in the beginning and we did a good job and then everyone got a bit slack and we are paying now.

  4. Thank you for sharing these delightful family photos! Do I see your Mum sitting between you and Jackie in the far rright of the group shot? I hope she enjoyed the gathering.

  5. A wonderful gallery of portraits! My favourite is the one in which Ivy is walking down the lawn with the old lady (who looks like your Mom).

  6. There is nothing quite so endearing as a newborn. Welcome to the world little one. You’ve captured so many wonderfully candid photos, Derrick. It looks like you all enjoyed a companionable day.

  7. What a wonderful photographic record of the happy occasion. Just one person missing… you!

    We used to take our family gatherings for granted until we found ourselves cut off in isolation and for such long periods. Now, we appreciate each one.

  8. Congratulations on the new addition to the family… and what a beautiful family you have! Made me miss our family gatherings in India.

  9. Such beautiful informal captures of people being themselves at a heartwarming get together. We don’t know what the future viral load holds, but we can make the most of these wonderful times. Thank you Derrick ???

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