Refurbishing Garage Door Planting

This morning I posted

While we continue to experience the dry scorching heat of an Indian summer, our containers need watering at least once a day. Occasionally diverting for a little dead heading I carried out this task this afternoon while Jackie

completed and photographed the progress of her refurbishment of the front garden garage door planting.

Later, while we sat on the decking with Diet Coke for Jackie and fizzy water for me, I photographed the little fuchsia Mandarin Cream; a bushy hibiscus; pretty petunias in hanging baskets and on the decking itself with lobelias, impatiens, variegated ivy, and jasmine whose flowers are over; views of the Dragon Bed and the gazebo; a stand of begonia pots; and shadows cast on a New Zealand flax.

I then stepped into the Rose Garden and photographed hydrangea Lanarth White: two different stages of Aloha, the red of which fades to pink over time; Gloriana, now too high for me to reach with secateurs; deep pink Special Anniversary; and the ever golden Absolutely Fabulous.

This evening we dined on succulent roast chicken; tasty gravy; boiled new potatoes. crunchy carrots and cauliflower; and fried mushrooms, with which Jackie drank more of the Pinot Grigio, and I drank more of the Dao.


  1. Another beautiful gallery, Derrick! I also noticed the link, and have come to the realization that I have a TON of catch up reading of “A Knight’s Tale”. I’ll be going back through your posts….

  2. Your garden stuns while mine is beginning it’s descent. My pots need replanted, too, but at this time of year a deadening frost could be around the corner. Yours looks so pretty though . . . I may just give it a go this year and see what happens.

  3. Lately, it seems like our weather has been much like yours. We are back to the heat and humidity after a brief taste of cooler temperatures. Your garden is still going strong!

  4. A few weeks ago Norm positioned lattice frames on the left of our shed door and on the right side wall where the love seat is. With lock-down We haven’t been able to travel out of our 5km restriction zone and all 3 nurseries are more than that. Planting more than the vines I put into pots, the rest will need to wait. You have done a beautiful job, Jackie. Your roses are gorgeous too.

  5. We see the results so frequently – and admire them – that it is fun to get the behind-the-scenes peek again at what goes into the beauty of your garden. Doubtless Jackie has a clear picture in her mind of what she wants to achieve – and does so beautifully!

  6. Your garden is still looking beautiful, almost as though it is the height of summer.

    I do like the new planting in front of the now obsolete garage door. I’m guessing the old garage is now incorporated into the house.

  7. Jackie’s garage door must be the most beautiful in the area – I’m sure both people and wildlife appreciate all the effort put into the planting – so inspiring.
    Don’t roses have wonderful names – & colours – especially, as you note, how their hues change through the season!

  8. It sounds like a lovely day spent in your garden. I like how you have so many and such specific garden areas, even the “front garden garage door.” The Crown Princess is beaming.

      1. I was also curious about your garage door planting. Have you covered up your garage door? If not, was it the trellis arrangement and if so why did you call it a garage door arrangement. Sorry. Just perpetually curious.

          1. So the trellis and plant collection was in front of what used to be the door of your garage? Impressive collection of books. I don’t think I had discovered your blog yet in 2014 or perhaps I just missed that one.

          2. The door is still intact, but boarded up inside. A dehumidifier is in permanent use to protect the books. Thanks for following the link, Judith

  9. Your gardens still look so lovely in spite of the heat. I have a Rose of Sharon, I think it s in the hibiscus family, with blooms the same color as your hibiscus. It has been heard keeping it going during the drought. Forecast is for temperatures in the lower 90s today.

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