An Ingenious Triptych

After lunch I posted from my laptop.

Later this afternoon Nick from Peacock Computers delivered my reconditioned iMac and transferred the links.

I then tried my hand at scanning five more illustrations from Charles Keeping to ‘Dombey and Son. Although I could, eventually, scan the images in the normal way I failed to edit the titles into the gallery. My Epson scanner and WP don’t seem to be on speaking terms. Maybe they will sleep on it.

Anyway, here we go:

‘Captain Cuttle sat looking at the boy’

‘Mr Dombey stood in his library’ is an ingenious depiction of a triptych.

‘Mrs Brown whipped out a large pair of scissors’

‘The dingy tenement inhabited by Miss Tox’

‘Paul would sit staring at this exemplary old lady’

Jackie spent the afternoon tidying the garden and produced

a number of photographs which do bear their titles in the gallery.

Before I could load these into my computer I had to restore 45,000 photographs which took so long that I broke for dinner, consisting of Jackie’s splendid chicken jalfrezi; garlic and coriander naan, and mushroom rice. I drank more of the Cotes du Rhone. The Culinary Queen had consumed her Hoegaarden while producing our meal – possibly taking her mind off my cries of anguish.

The further typing of repeated names to accompany the above text would be a bridge too far tonight.


  1. I know well the angst of migrating files to a new computer. I hope your cries of anguish are short-lived. My favorite photo out of today’s group is “Crow in Beach Tree by Jackie.” It reminds me a abstract paintings I’ve seen–only nature’s version is better.

  2. That triptych is very, very cleverly executed! Although I do not always comment on them, I always enjoy the details in the drawings you show us.

  3. Great photos, Jackie. Lots of colour about.

    I use a USB (Universal Serial Bus) for 90% of my photos. That way I can see the photos on either the PC or travel laptop. I gave up restoring photos when ever I used another or replaced a computer and I have nowhere near 45,000. I’m glad it’s you not me. 😉

    Enjoy your new computer.

  4. Of course my favourite illustration is ‘The dingy tenement inhabited by Miss Tox’ … and purple is the colour of my dreams, thank you Jackie, for the Violas ..

  5. I am glad that you were able to brighten my day with Mr Keeping’s inimitable portrayal of colorful characters, albeit rendered in black and white, in spite of your technological challenges.
    In contrast, Jackie’s contribution is cheerfully colorful.

  6. I wonder if the culinary queen Jackie might share her recipe for Yorkshire Pudding on one of your blogs. I lost mine and the one I used last night just wasn’t the same. More of a baked pancake than a Yorkshire pudding. It tasted fine but the consistency was off. 😟. I would be very grateful!

    1. Actually the Culinary Queen buys Yorkshire pudding from Tesco or other supermarkets because they are good and save her time for the rest of the cooking. Thanks a lot, AnneMarie

  7. Still so many beautiful flowers in your gardens going into late October!

    The illustrations are still enjoyable, especially ‘Mr Dombey stood in his library’. That does make a nice triptych!

  8. That cat! It’s expression is priceless. The enduring colors in your garden still are quite pleasing. Good of them to bloom in such nice combinations, too. The lavenders and peach-like tones are especially nice.

  9. Love the triptych! And the kitty cat! Mr. Keeping never disappoints! 🙂
    What amazing photographs, Jackie! Crow in the beech tree…and Virginia Creeper are my faves today! 🙂 And I always love spotting owls! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…Glad you got your reconditioned computer and got to spend time with it…sounds like a lot of work! And I’m sure Jackie is patient and was sympathetic to your cries. 🙂

  10. The ingenious triptych is quite ingenious, and I like the little cat, too. Jackie’s garden photos are wonderful. I love all the color, but the crow stood out for me, and I also like the red Virginia creeper against the white.

    Good luck with your photos and computer, Derrick. WP likes to cause problems.

  11. Glad the reconditioned computer is back in your hands. It is frustrating how quickly electronics get glitchy. I am using a laptop now that replaced my older glitchy one, but this one is not satisfactory. The keyboard is off, it’s too heavy, etc. But now that I’ve purchased it, I’ve got to use it till it dies. I should have tried harder to keep my old one running, the way you did. The colours from the garden are outstanding. A constant joy.

  12. Your garden is glorious with such amazing colors for this time of the year! I store my photos are an external hard drive. Wow! 45,000 photos are amazing.

  13. My goodness, those garden photos are stunning. Jackie’s ability to keep the whole yard looking fresh and colorful throughout the whole growing season is always a marvel to me.

    So sorry about the computer woes, Derrick. I know it’s frustrating getting started all over again.

  14. Technology is getting complicated to the point of sickening a normal user. We are all supposed to be a computer nerd or a coder. Back in 1999 or so, I could have set up a Linux server complete with networked nodes, but I don’t feel like doing something as complicated when I am merely writing a simple post and appending a picture now. Unfortunately, WordPress has been the worst of offenders, to the point that it has begun feeling like an ancient system that used vacuum tubes. Sorry for the rant on the exquisite collection of photos and scans.

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