Sundown Silhouette

Now that the last few days’ brisk breezes have subsided, and with a clear cerulean sky above and cool temperatures below, this morning I gathered up a few fallen branches from the beech and weeping birch trees; some cryptomeria clippings; and Jackie’s piled debris from the rose garden.

After lunch I toured with my camera and, beginning with a couple of the vases the Head Gardener has filled with her red carpet rose cuttings, photographed

some of our continuing survivors, including roses like the unidentified pink.climber, the stronger pink Aloha, the yellow Summer Wine which the bee is seen leaving, and the ever-abundant For Your Eyes only; three prolific dahlias; fuchsias Garden News, Mrs Popple, the tiny all white Hawkshead, and the ubiquitous Delta’s Sarah. The continuation of the blue Morning Glory is particularly unusual, although the fly on its leaf is not so. I completed my collection with a clump of chrysanthemums and Florence sculpture with her baskets of bidens and other flowers surrounded by swaying verbena bonariensis.

Afterwards I posted

Shortly before sunset my Chauffeuse drove us to Barton on Sea’s Marine Drive East

to watch the sun going down. We were not the only spectators.

Later we dined on more of Jackie’s winter stewp, with the addition of chopped potatoes and fava beans, and crusty bread and butter. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I drank Patrick Chodot Fleurie 2019.


      1. I see, thanks Derrick. I find it fascinating that our common language has these fun little differences. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  1. Another beautiful sunset. So good of you to share the photos of the flowers that still grace your garden. They brighten my day for sure. (Here we are pretty much left to look at a landscape of Saskatchewan greige… at least until the snow flies.)

      1. I had not heard of it until I worked in the construction industry. It is a particularly unappealing color choice for aluminum deck railing and vinyl deck covering. Grey/Beige.

  2. I’m thinking its time for us to take a sunset drive. We do see the sunset but just behind the palm trees. I love the sun-setting. Here it sets directly behind the mountains in the west. No water there. πŸ™‚ The sunrises to early for me these days πŸ˜‰ to view it coming up over the ocean.

  3. An especially beautiful sunset! The the light and shadows in the flower photos have a soft, lovely quality. And it’s always nice to see Florence.

  4. Ohmyyyyyy Derrick….such amazingly beautiful photos! I especially adore the sunset pics.

  5. What a beautiful sunset – I love the way the houses reflect the sun.
    I read Carolyn’s comment and I asked out loud Who’s Florence? Then the penny dropped.

  6. I’m envious of a garden that is still producing such colour and I’m in awe of those amazing sunset pictures. As i can no longer drive I do miss being able to photograph sunsets, in fact there’s a lot denied to one without a car, but it’s so good to have posts like yours to fall back on. I’ve read many before but never commented, your sunsets tempted me this time!

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