Gulls At Sunset

After a rain shower on another unusually warm and sunny day, while waiting for a call back from Peacock Computers, I wandered around the garden;

produced another batch of photographs including fuchsias, dahlias, begonias, clematis Margaret Hunt, Ginger Lily seedpods. petunias, cosmos, Morning Glory, and the ubiquitous self-seeded bidens surviving from summer 2020; then girded my loins in order to set about the struggle to upload them into WordPress media.

This time only one failed to upload because of an error, but two were relocated from the desktop as incompatible with the new operating system. I was able to put those back where they belonged.

Max from Peacock Computers has arranged a home visit on Thursday.

Buoyed by my earlier success Jackie drove me to Barton on Sea to watch the sunset.

The ten photos I loaded when we arrived home were accepted by WP without a glitch.

Later, we dined on a refreshed reprise of yesterday’s roast dinner, each with our preferred beverage.


  1. Another beautiful set of photos, Derrick! I’m glad someone is coming to your home to help with your computer issues.

  2. Your flowers are indeed very lovely. A particular gift at this time of the year.
    The sky and gulls in your header and final photos are stunning. So glad you could upload without too much trouble today – and looking forward to hearing what the dreaded issue is later in the week.
    I wonder what those gulls are thinking as they glide so gracefully over us and this earth.

  3. The garden and flowers are beautiful, Derrick and Jackie! And thank you, Jackie, for taking Derrick over to the shore to photograph that molten sunset. The photos are stunning!

  4. Today’s instalment of garden photos are special. The sundown has been captured exceptionally well too. It is sad to find you in a state of trepidation merely at the thought of loading a bunch of photos through WordPress. The bunch of morons at WP seem hell bent upon ruining the once wonderful portal.

  5. Such beautiful photos! My favorite is the closeup of the Mrs. Popple fuchsia. But all the rest are beautiful too.

    I have trouble uploading photos to WordPress too. Sometime I have to refresh the page after I put each photo up. I don’t have as many photos as you do, so it’s not a big problem.

  6. I found two of our native Bidens species last weekend. In reading about them, I came across quite a few gardeners’ comments about that self-seeding. Some appreciated it, but some were annoyed. I hope your computer guru can reduce your annoyance level when it comes to the blog, photos, and so on.

    1. Thanks very much, Linda. We appreciate most self seeders. We can always compost them if necessary. No problems with uploading today, but I’ll let him check it over anyway.

  7. The garden is still looking gorgeous and I am still envious.
    The sunset over the ocean is stunning. Thank you to you both.

    I’m glad peacocks are coming on Thursday. It would be interesting to find out why the computer would not recognise the images saved on the desktop.

  8. Your sunset photos are exquisite. Like many days, you bookended a pretty garden and sunset with the headaches of WordPress. I’m happy to hear that you’ve called in reinforcement of a technical nature. My laptop stopped working for 24 hours last week and I was bereft. How quickly we’ve become at one with our technology.

  9. gorgeous garden flowers as per usual, I guess by the time I get to the newest post, the computer tech guy will have been and fixed things (yep, behind again)

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