Windblown Flames

After a full day of tidying and clearing we took a quick trip to catch the sunset at Mudeford.

Jackie managed to transport a carpet upstairs, one step and a time; we then moved a computing desk from the days when the devices all had towers downstairs to extend the long wooden desk I bought 34 years ago from the previous owner when I bought Lindum House. This enabled me to arrange iMac, scanner, and printer in a less cluttered manner, prompting me to tidy out the drawers on the basis that if anything inside them related to equipment I no longer used it was binned. I also continued disposing of ancient paperwork.

We drove though a dramatic shower and a range of moody skies which, by the time we reached our goal were quietly smouldering until

the flickering flames of a bonfire blew across the skies.

A stately cavalcade of swans and cygnets sailed past a row of mallards

A woman pushing a pram, and perching gulls provided picturesque silhouettes.

A dashing dog scattered other birds.

On our return, I published

Later, we dined on Jackie’s wholesome winter stewp with fresh crusty rolls with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Fleurie.


  1. Most stunning close of day images, Derrick. The silhouette of the gull on chimney is classic. We also appreciated the bird in the upper right of the header shot as well! A nice capture…

  2. Fantastic pictures. We had a “fire in the sky” sunset the other day that took my breath away, but neither on of my cameras accepted that deep red. I was so disappointed. Your pictures make me jealous!
    Jackie – careful of your back carrying rugs upstairs!!

  3. A pleasant time spent at the shore watching a fiery sunset, and I appreciate you and Jackie sharing these trips with readers. No molten sunset tonight here. Grey and rain have settled in again.

  4. My daughter and son-in-law told us yesterday that they’re worried about the Santa Ana winds, so my immediate thought on seeing your post was that the fire was actual. I’m glad it was metaphorical!

  5. Such a beautiful sky – so much warmer than the greys, blues and blacks that featured in our skies this evening! Lets hope your fiery palette bodes well for tomorrow’s weather!

  6. Your photo of the perched gull silhouetted by the sky is indeed a very picturesque one Derrick, and I’ve file it for future reference …

      1. Oh wow … now I wonder how poems I’ve done with your photos … I suppose there has been quite number Derrick … hmmm .. I’ll check back through my files !!

  7. Your evening photos are very relaxing. I like that you continue to use the old desk bought 34 years ago from the previous owner. I have a lot of old furniture too, full of memories.

  8. I was wondering if your fire was literal or metaphorical. There’s been a good bit of intentional prairie burning here, so we’ve had plenty of billowing smoke and flames to watch. Prescribed burns aren’t as dangerous as wildfires, but they can be just as dramatic. The sky views you captured are beautiful.

  9. The color in the header picture is really flaming. Near the shore it looks like lava.

    It’s such a pleasure to get your work space arranged the way you like it. Yesterday I had eight guests at my house for Thanksgiving dinner. To accommodate them and to arrange decorations, I moved things around. Today I put everything back where it normally belongs.

  10. Not only your words in todayโ€™s offering are lyrical โ€”there are breathtaking alliterationsโ€” your photographs are poetic too. The interplay of light and clouds is every bit dramatic as you say.

    PS: I too need to get rid of a mountain of old junk.

  11. Beautiful images of early evening. I love the one of the gull on the roof, somehow it brought to mind Dick Van Dyke’s chimney sweep character and the rooftops from Mary Poppins.

  12. I really enjoyed your entire day, including the very satisfying organization of your computer desk. So necessary and I can imagine how you are enjoying easy access to all of your “machines.” Loved your equating the sunset to different stages of a fire. Well done.

  13. Stunning shots and I enjoyed the dramatic shot of the bird perched atop the chimney. The header shot is outstanding with the golden streaks and the bird in the right-hand corner. I love the feeling of having a tidy computer workplace. You have inspired me to clean up my work area.

  14. Although only a brief excursion at the end of a busy day, your photographic excursion was well worth the trouble. I think that I enjoyed the gull best, but it was a close call.

  15. Doesn’t it feel great to rearrange and get rid of things? It’s so easy to become complacent and just leave things as they are, but when you take some time to make things better, it’s so rewarding!

    Stunning photos – the sky WAS on fire. Loved the tops of the sailboats showing and loved the swans.

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