A Knight’s Tale (79: Wedding Number Three)

Eight years after our separation and one year after the divorce, Jackie and I each married someone else.

Here, Jessica prepares to leave Horse and Dolphin Yard on the brief journey to Marylebone Registry Office for our legal coupling on 1st March 1980. It is most likely Matthew who photographed us with Carole and the top of Becky’s head, after I had helped him fix a problem with his camera.

Afterwards we returned to our flat where I photographed the third Mrs Knight festooned with flowers; and in the evening repaired to a wine bar in Leicester Square, the name of which I have forgotten.

Matthew definitely provided pictures of the toast. Becky, Michael, Carole, and Simon make up the small gathering.


  1. This is a beautiful photograph of Jessica festooned with flowers. These vignettes capture something of the mood of the eighties.

  2. The third time was not the charm for me, Derrick, strike three, I’m out for good! I’m glad that your marriage has been so good. 1980, I was one year out of high school.

  3. Has Netflix or some other streaming service that does their own filming approached you about a mini-series? There’s certainly been drama, grief, and pleasure to spare in your life. I’d suggest you play yourself, except if they turned you loose to improvise, a high percentage of viewers would be fuddled by your vocabulary.

  4. The photo of Jessica through carnations is just lovely. How great that Matthew had a camera that day and was capturing you in the images. Your hair is short! I had been enjoying that great abundance of hair you cultivated back then. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m laughing at shoreacre’s comment–all so true! ?

    But I feel like you’re letting us all share some special family moments. Jessica surrounded by flowers is such a beautiful image.

  6. What a beautiful couple <3 and what wonderful photos of remembrance!
    Mrs. Jessica Knight is the most beautiful flower in the bouquet…what a lovely photo! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you very much for asking, msw, not least because this alerted me to the fact that I had forgotten to categorise this one. If you scroll down to the bottom of any post you will find a column of Archives on the left. Beneath that you will find categories. Clicking on A Knight’s Tale will access them all.

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