More Normal Weather For January

This morning I posted

Either side of lunch we cleared most of the various items blocking the areas that Martin P is to start plastering tomorrow.

Afterwards we drove to Fordingbridge to deliver a backpack left behind by Stephanie on Boxing Day. We took a leisurely route through the forest.

Ponies grazed on the soggy green at Ibsley, where a swollen pool reflected the trees above.

Similar reflections were mirrored by the stream below Gorley Common;

trees etched their gnarled limbs into the skies;

the less hardy field horses rugs contrasted with the forest ponies’ winter hair on this much colder and brighter day than we have seen for some time;

and we encountered several sightings of deer.

We sped off the main road from Fordingbridge to Ringwood in order to catch the sunset at Bickton, where gold and pink hues transformed the sky and reflected in the mill stream.

Jackie photographed a viburnum bush, the wake of ducks on the river, and refections of the sunset.


  1. The photos show nature justice but the bear branches show which season you’ve now in.
    (I’m tired of my phone assuming my typed letters and even words are wrong)!

  2. I’m glad you had a lovely visit in the forest with shaggy ponies, interesting reflections, and a lovely golden sunset as the grand finale.

  3. Beautiful photos, the soft, colorful sunset and the lovely reflections. The deer, with their two-toned bodies, are perfect in front of those trees. Our deer aren’t that colorful. They’re simply light brown.

  4. Lovely photos, Jackie and Derrick! Hey, you two…your tree photos are always terrific! Your reflection photos are always remarkable! Your sky photos are always phenomenal! And it is such a joy to see the dear deer! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

    1. Sorry Alexander, the title was a bit ambiguous. I meant that it was cold – the earlier weeks were not normal, so the return of cold weather was what we normally experience in January. Thanks very much

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