A Day For Staying In

I began the day by watching yesterday’s Wales/Scotland Six Nations rugby match on BBC iPlayer.

Wind howled; chimes swung about all over the place; garden pots thudded to the ground outside; raindrops spattered bleary windows down which channels coursed throughout the day in which I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/02/13/a-knights-tale-102-enter-mordred/

and watched the Match between Italy and England on ITV.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s flavoursome chicken and vegetable stewp and fresh crusty bread, with which she drank Hoegaarden, while I enjoyed a glass of The Second Fleet Clare Valley Merlot 2020 afterwards.


  1. Good to have sports on during days like these. We had rain most of the day, so after my chores, it was Olympics for me.

  2. It looks as though there are thousands of tears on your windows… I do hope that is not a reflection of the match scores today?!
    Jackie’s stewp sounds perfect… comforting, warming and, I’m sure, totally moreish – unlike today’s weather!

  3. You’ve had some dreadful weather! It’s in the 80’s here, but will drop to the 60’s by mid-week. It’s the hottest Super Bowl (football) ever!

  4. Ooh! I love rainy days! These are some wonderful photos…from the inside out! I love seeing Nature’s “paintings” on the window panes using raindrops! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  5. Ours was a day like yours too. Just about two whole weeks of wind – but our first day of heavy rain. ( I think!)

    I liked the bed breakfast sign sign, though it’s perhaps a good job you don’t advertise Evening Meals because I think you might have a long queue at your door!

  6. Today was a good stay-indoors day for us as well. Our outside temp dropped 30 degrees from yesterday’s. Of your “raindrips on windows” photos, #14/17 was my favorite for its simplicity.

  7. Beautiful rainy pictures … our forecast keeps predicting rain for our region … the clouds build .. sometimes there is even a rush of warm wind … and the blue sky appears!

  8. On the insde looking out Derrick .. Oh there is a poem in this somewhere …
    Looking Through A Window

    What a dull way
    To start a poem
    “Looking through a window”
    I was told by my teacher
    If he saw a poem
    Beginning with that line
    He wouldn’t read the verse
    Saying the words were over used

    But in all honesty
    Here I am
    Sitting at my desk
    “Looking through a window”

    And the sky is a gloomy gray
    So what else could I say
    About this lonesome day
    Another one of solitary downplay

  9. I saw a bit of Wales v Scotland but I was amazed at how so many of the forwards were such very strangely shaped men. The result of 20 hours a day lifting weights, presumably!

  10. You left us in no doubt about the superior advantage of staying inside on the day. The photos combined with your crisp narration have smashed the point home.

  11. Send some of that moisture this way, Derrick. We neeeeeed it! Also, your Fleet Clare Valley Merlot sounds interesting. I need to look up that winery. It’s new to me.

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