Spring Verges

Rain yesterday had prevented me from photographing Martin’s garden work.

First he completed the tidying of the Back Drive. When our neighbours put up a new section of the fence between us the hook retaining our five barred gate disappeared. Martin fitted a new one, straightened the last of the line of bricks, removed refuse from beyond the gate, and transplanted some geraniums to brighten the bank opposite the raised bed.

Next, he cut the grass, then

weeded the Phantom Path and the southern half of the Brick Path.

Early this morning Jackie and I took a brief drive along the lanes to the east of the forest,

where wild flowers pack the verges, like these on the lane approaching Portmore;

and on the narrow section of Jordans Lane,

featuring a hole for a gate cut into a conifer hedge, and a horse and hound weather vane.

After lunch Jackie finished planting violas to complete the aforementioned Raised Bed, which she photographed herself.

We still have many camellias, a Vulcan magnolia, and burgeoning rhododendrons.

This evening we dined on fillet steaks, oven chips, and peas, with which Jackie finished the Cabernet Sauvignon and I drank Bordeaux SupΓ©rieur 2019.


  1. Martin is continuing to demonstrate that he is value added. So does Jackie
    πŸ˜€. A forest ride makes a good day better. Nice.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. It looks a beautiful day. Portmore Lane looks lovely–as do your garden paths, and your garden.
    The gate in the hole cut into the conifer hedge is quite amazing to me.

  3. Nice images, like the raised beds of Jackie’s. Wish we had some like that. Oh, and what a wonderful gate. Do you normally keep it closed to keep the free range livestock out?

  4. Jackie’s raised bed IS lovely.
    As are the wild flowers on the verges. And of course your lovely garden – it’s so good to see it waking up for the season… thanks to all the hard work!

  5. Oh! So beautiful! Martin is doing great work! YAY, Martin! πŸ™‚
    Love the hedge-gate, the horse’n’hound weather vane AND Jackie’s raised flower bed!
    Sounds like a lovely day! Hope you all get a good night’s sleep/rest tonight!
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  6. I love the walkway. In my novels one of my characters owns a plant nursery. I always picture the garden that Jackie has made so lovely when I write.

  7. Ah, your garden is in full swing already! Everything is so lovely and just packed with beauty. Your hard work over all of these years has really paid off.

    And oh, that arched gate entryway cut out of the hedge just makes my soul sing! Isn’t that wonderful?

  8. Your yard is looking so tidy. I loved the photos from your drive – especially the opening in the hedge for the gate. You are blessed to live in such a charming area. πŸ’ž

  9. I think I could walk along those verges often and slowly, stopping to gaze at the loveliness. Same goes for your garden pathways.

  10. The garden does look transformed all over. You may want to summon Mr Martin at an increased frequency in future. The secret gate you discovered in the hedge looks magical.

    1. Thanks very much, Uma. Unfortunately Martin. lives a 45 minute drive away so it is only really worth his coming for a long stint which we can’t afford any more often.

  11. Martin does very nice work, and I love Jackie’s plantings in the new raised bed. I am glad they let your verges bloom over there. They are so lovely in spring. The photos are beautiful and uplifting, Derrick and Jackie!

  12. Yay! Sounds like life is back to a semblance of normal. So glad! I loved the colorful flowers along the verges – and your garden definitely is coming to life. Hooray! Your dinner sounded yummy…

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