BEWILDERMENT – Richard Powers

I hardly ever reblog. This is such a positive review from a blogger I rate highly that I am doing so for the benefit of my readers who may not follow Anne


  1. Yes, I read Anne’s review too. I’ve heard mixed thoughts on this one but Anne has certainly got me wondering about it again.

  2. I have added this one to my audible wish list. You haven’t steered me wrong in the past. This one looks tough, but I’m in the middle of another similar tough one, that is well-written and a well-told story. A recommendation by another blogger, it’s called This Is How It Always Is, about a beautiful family trying to raise their five boys right, and then trying to raise their four boys and one girl right. I just finished reading another tough one, called Walking the Bowl, and oh my gosh it’s a beautiful story, but what a hard story, about street orphans living in Lusaka, Zambia, which is probably mostly a true story. I admire authors who can write a story filled with love and beauty, all while telling about difficult topics.

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