Ready For Nick

Much of the day was spent clearing our upstairs sitting room for Nick to start work on it tomorrow; returning some of the items to the redecorated Garden Room which will be for Flo and Dillon, and finding temporary homes and cupboards for the rest.

I took a break to post

This evening we dined on Red Chilli’s excellent takeaway fare. My main course was Tandoori King Prawn Naga; I haven’t kept track of the others, but we shared popadoms, rices, peshwari naans, onion bahjis, and tika poneer. Ian and I drank Cobra, Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and Flo drank elderflower cordial.


  1. YAY for Nick-prep! He will be there soon to continue his magic! I look forward to seeing the next room and it’s progression and completion!
    Will Dillon arrive soon? I continue to wish him well and hope things go smoothly to get him to Flo…and a beautiful future there together.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

    1. Thank you very much, Carolyn. All depends on the visa for Dillon. And Ukrainians have priority – a political face-saving policy after all the confusion and delays. X

  2. I look forward to seeing what you’re doing in that upstairs sitting room. Is it to the right as you walk up the stairs? Also,out of curiosity, what are popadoms?

    1. Thin fried discs like large flat potato crisps – tasty starters with chutneys. Yes, the sitting room is officially our dressing room – never used as such – with a good view of the garden. Thanks very much, Jan

  3. Your house will be lovely when it’s finished. Sounds warming and inviting.
    Elderflower cordial? I must try it. I have seen it in one of our health food stores that sell unusual teas, cordials and alike.

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