Around The Quayside

After lunch today I posted

Later, Becky drove Jackie, Flo, and me to Lymington where our daughter and granddaughter browsed in the High Street while Jackie and I remained quayside – Jackie in The Ship Inn and me wandering about with my camera.

I will let my pictures speak for themselves.

Becky collected us at the end of the afternoon where we met and chatted with Richard from Kitchen Makers who was working in a quayside house.

This evening Becky produced fall-off-the-bone roast chicken; crisp chips; fresh salad; and garden peas, with which she drank Zesty, Jackie drank Hoegaarden, Flo drank water, Ian drank Perroni, and I drank Swartland Shiraz 2020.

Later, Becky sent me this photograph of a sparrow that had virtually snatched her food from her at lunchtime at The Beachcomber at Barton on Sea.


  1. An interesting variety of ‘people pictures’ and a wonderful shiraz to round the day off with ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A beautiful photo set, Derrick! I noticed that one small boat, a pleasurecraft, was built by Four Winns. I once owned a boat built by them, and they are built in my home state of Michigan. Small world, eh?

  3. What a fantastic collection of photos Derrick .. I remember I wrote a ‘Swan’ poem from one of photos previous articles (last year?) …

    Honouring the ancient lakes of Aberdeen
    Are you our planetโ€™s queen
    Shyly overseeing this worldโ€™s fading green

    Serenely grateful and gracious
    Solemnly thoughtful and virtuous
    Calmly valorous and veracious

    No matter your birthright
    You are equally adorned black or white
    Colour is not your feathers blight
    But natureโ€™s pearls of delight

    And I posted the “Foal” poem this morning Derrick

  4. Your pictures speak so many different languages it seems. The swans, the sparrow, the quayside people and the sea gulls! One summer we were staying near Hyde Park and this huge group of swans just rose from the opposite side of the lake and swooped down to where I was standing. What a Kodak moment that was.

  5. What a great selection of images.
    How unusual to have just the one cygnet I wonder what happened to the others – eggs not hatched or predators?

  6. What a lovely group of photos to highlight a lovely day!
    The colours, the actions, the joy, the love, the ice cream!
    HA! That last photo made me laugh! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I feel honored to see the swans and cygnets busy at life. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (((HUGS))) ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The pictures do speak for themselves. Wonderful, especially the top photo with the elegant swan and cygnet. What a beauty. And that Becky sounds like quite the cook. H-m-m-m, wonder where she gets that from?

  8. A wonderful collection of photos–the swans and tiny cygnets and all the people-watching and activity around the quay. And Shiraz, too. ?

  9. An engaging collection of photos, thank you! I do love all the reflections in the water, and the reflections of the water. Your photos are good for making me want to stop and stare a while, thinking about the image, as I would do if I were there. Lovely little shopping district too, with all the bright flags.

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