A Knight’s Tale (143: The Holiday Venue)

No. 6 rue St. Jacques is an 18th century terraced house in the village of Sigoules. The longer of these two images includes Nos. 8, 10, and beyond.

As is evident from these views of the street, the house is situated at the top of a steep hill. Fortunately it is at the town square end. The first three pictures look down the hill from outside the property. The others look up.

Maggie and Mike in garden 9.03

There is a small patio garden which is a veritable sun-trap.

During my earlier stays with my friends, we took a number of walks. Here Maggie and Mike pass a man-made fishing lake on their left. Berries, crocuses, and oaks all enlivened the countryside.

The path we were taking led to hills from which we could admire vineyards and the valley below.

For six years after I bought the house, until disaster struck once more, I visited periodically for two or three weeks at a time while spending the rest of my days either at my sister Elizabeth’s or in my various rented flats. It also became my intended holiday venue for family members such as

Michael, Heidi, Oliver, Alice, and Emily. The dog my grandson cuddles has followed them home from a neighbouring farm.


  1. It looks like a pleasant holiday spot (in between disasters). I like the light and leaf shadows in the last set of photos.
    And a nice family shot, too.

  2. These are interesting photographs in themselves and all the better for illustrating the importance of family and good friends.

  3. You have lived such a multi-layered life Derrick. Makes me happy for you. Plus, you can always trust a black labrador to find a good people home.

  4. Your photos are so artistic…with colors, shapes, textures, lines, light and shadows, etc.! 🙂
    And the family photos with such beautiful smiles are THE bestest! 🙂
    I know each of you carry your memories in your heart.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  5. This looks like a lovely place to spend a holiday, Derrick. Your comment “until disaster struck again” is rather suggestive. All of our lives are a journey of ups and downs, but you have had more than your fair share of loss in yours, I think.

  6. I wonder if it’s near where I grew up? I have been composing letters in my head to you – to tell you of the stupid poetry book that’s coming out of mine that I haven’t published since before the illness, and of our possible plans to return to Europe (scary thought but possibly best idea) and of life in gen.

  7. The tiled floor – lovely – and such nice surrounding countryside. I don’t know what disaster is going to unfold but hopefully it means the steep street was not a problem.

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