More Sport And Dead-Heading

This morning I watched recorded highlights of the fourth day’s play in the Test match between England and India, and after lunch made a good start on dead-heading the second Félicité Perpétue rose, which regular readers will

recognise from an earlier picture on the Back Drive.

Later this afternoon I published

Early this evening I watched the last two sets of the Wimbledon tennis match between Cameron Norrie and David Goffin, followed by the highlights of the final day’s play in the Test match.

We dined on a salami and chilli pizza with plentiful fresh salad. No-one imbibed.


  1. The test was most extraordinary. The tension is mounting as to when the balloon will finally burst. When that moment comes, will it be total disaster or will the phoenix arise again?

  2. In regard to cricket. Have you seen the Indian movie called 83? It is all about the 1983 world cup where India beat the West Indies. If you like cricket – even the short form – then it is well worth the watch. But it is Indian and you need to deal with subtitles.

    1. Thanks very much, John. I haven’t seen it. I’m not a fan of the short forms which have been heavily criticised for the damage done to our Test cricketers. It looks as if we are now seeing positive effects from it.

  3. What, no imbibing? Probably too tired after dead heading. That’s always a challenge. Just when you think you have them all, another one appears. But it’s worth the effort, isn’t it.

    1. These particular ones were well established when we came here 8 years ago. Thanks very much, Rupali. Those further down the drive up to 5 years

  4. I’m surprised that the sporting victories you watched on TV, didn’t call for some small alcoholic celebration – like breaking open the champagne!

  5. Sounds like a wonderfully good day! 🙂
    Helping the gorgeous roses to thrive, sports-watching, delicious pizza and salad! 🙂
    We fixed salmon and salad for our main meal. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  6. Like those rose pictures, Derrick. Glad you had a relaxing and sports filled viewing day. And yes, sometimes a drink just doesn’t sound/taste good. Lots of liquid substitutes available…

  7. I would never have come up with that combination for a pizza. I see that you liked it though. It would have called for a beer here.

  8. “No-one imbibed”? Speechless. Few things are certain in life, but “Derrick has a drink” was on the list with death and taxes. Now I face an uncertain future . . .

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