Presenting The Albums

It is almost two months since last we saw a puddle in the gutter alongside our front drive.

After fairly steady rain for most of the morning one built up for a brief appearance (by midday it had drained away). Jackie just had to photograph

it with its raindrop rings; a lesser pool on the patio; further fountain ripples;

more precipitation on pelargoniums, petunias, begonias, hollyhocks and Hagley hybrid clematis.

I, in the meantime finished reading V. S. Naipaul’s ‘A Way in the World’ and, after lunch, posted

This afternoon, dropping Flo and Dillon off in Lymington, we met Karen and Barry at the Community Centre where we handed them

their completed wedding albums. Jackie took these photographs.

Our friends gave us a thank you card bearing a fond message and a splendid picture someone else had produced of the confetti moment; with tokens for afternoon tea at Rosie Lea, which has become one of our favourite venues.

As we made our farewells Flo and Dillon rejoined us and we did some shopping in the town before returning home.

This evening we dined on a variety of flavoursome sausages; creamy mashed potatoes; firm carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli; cabbage fried with leaks, and tasty gravy, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden, I finished the Bordeaux, and Flo and Dillon drank Ribena.


  1. I am glad the couple got their wedding album, congratulations! Isn’t the rain so wonderful? There was a nice storm here last night that gave us a bit more rain which is so wonderful! Sausages sound so delicious! ☺️??❤️

  2. A delightful post all around–much wanted rain, happy flowers, and happy bride and groom. I’m sure they appreciate the albums. (They look pleased.)

  3. That is a huge album. I can only imagine how beautiful the photos are, to be bound up in such a heavy album. That capture of the confetti on the couple looks lovely. My niece’s daughter married a Scotsman in Inverness, and some of her photos have similar photos of them ducking the confetti.
    What beautiful pictures of the rain and the puddle. Love the rain drops on the blooms in your garden. How happy they must have felt to feel those drops of heaven!

  4. What a relief that you finally got some rain! I hope it was enough to help the drought situation. Karen and Barry look thrilled with their wedding albums. I feel sorry for the old woman in the background. She looks lonely.

    1. I was watching that lady in the background, she was alone and ordered a piece of cake and a drink, she was still there when we left, like you my heart went out to her, but I applauded her strength to come out and visit the community centre, where the waitress chatted to her. It’s a lovely place.

  5. It’s started raining here and very welcome it is! I haven’t heard the noise of falling raindrops for quite a time and it’s fascinating me at the moment. Such a srtrange sound.

  6. I didn’t realize until I looked again at these photos that the bride had a plaid sash around her waist; what a nice touch. We’ve finally had a bit of rain, too, and high temperatures are below 40C at last. Granted, they haven’t declined by much, but I can tell the difference by the extra hour or so I can work before having to take an early afternoon break.

  7. Jackie did a wonderful job capturing the joy of the newlyweds as they perused the memories on those pages. Wonderful work from both of you, Derrick. This post was a most enjoyable one.

  8. I’m so glad you finally got some rain and hope it reached the ponies. Are those steppingstones in the fountain for small creatures?

    1. The stones are covering the wire from the solar panel to the pump, but small birds do use it.

  9. Whenever we get a shower of rain I too want to capture the drops on all the plants. What a welcome sight they must be after your long, hot and dry period. It is wonderful to see the joy with which the wedding pictures have been received. They made a good choice for their photographers!

  10. A cooling, refreshing rain is something we won’t see here for a while now. Raindrops on flowers and foliage both clean and festoon with tiny prisms.

    You and Jackie are excellent photographers!

  11. Such hard work went into those albums, what wonderful memories you’ve given them.

    Good news about the rainfall, albeit temporary. We had steady rain for a week after the first heatwave, but nothing since apart from last night’s overnight rain, this morning it continues steadily.
    Yorkshire Water has declared a drought and the hosepipe ban begins on the 28th.

    This week I’ve had problems leavng comments on the sites I visit including clicking LIKE. I never log out of my account but I’m constantly asked to log in, and when I’ve done that my comments are still refused.I did think the problem was with my iPad and Apple, but my problems continue on my Windows computer.
    This morning the computer screen is showing that I’m logged in, so fingers crossed this comment appears.

    1. As you see, Sue, the comment appeared. It would have been such a pity to have wasted all that effort, for which I thank you. My biggest frustration is having to put all my details in to comment each time on some blogs

  12. Karen and Barry look like such nice people. I hope their future together is long and happy.

    Rain at last. I hope is a tad cooler for your part of the world.

  13. YAY for the rain! I know all of you AND all of the plants, flowers, trees, and animals are rejoicing and smiling! 🙂
    YAY for the photo albums given! I know Karen and Barry must be thrilled! I continue to wish them much love, laughter, and life together! 🙂 What a beautiful gift you and Jackie have given to them! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  14. This post sure made me smile: Your much-needed rain—it’s raining here, too!—and the utter delight on Karen’s and Barry’s faces as they looked at the albums.

  15. You have produced outstanding compilations of the newlywed friends. I appreciate the tenacity with which you two have covered the marriage ceremony and turned out such precious albums.

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