Found Photographs

On the evening of 14th, before I’d even found the instruction manual on my Samsung Gallery A13, I took a test walk round the garden.

There was just one acceptable picture.

A couple of days after this a photograph of Ellie appeared on the phone Wallpaper.

Some days still later I discovered the phone gallery which contained portraits of our great granddaughter sitting in her Great Grannie’s chair.

Flo had been busy.

Today I worked out how to e-mail these images to myself and put them into my iPhotos library.

This evening we repeated yesterday’s pasta arrabbiata meal with the same beverages.


  1. Serendipity to find such gorgeous photos. Make the most of Flo’s visit to pick her brains on technology. Maybe one thing a week.
    Bill and I bought the same Samsung phones so that if one learnt something they could teach the other. Every day is a voyage of discovery.

  2. I love the baby pictures of course and am amused that her suit says “baby” on it. I loved the initial photo you took. What a perfect capture of an invitation to enter.

    1. That suit was her mother’s. The first thing I put on her when she was born. It’s over 25 years old.

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