Something Interesting

On another soporific, gloomy, mid-afternoon I ventured into the garden in search of something interesting.

First I needed to negotiate the accumulated rubbish bags outside the stable door. There will be more by the time the bin-men collect them tomorrow.

Our temperature has warmed enough to set the Waterboy fountain flowing freely.

Jackie’s weatherworn wooden mushrooms have been uprooted.

Our garden statuary such as Autumn and Florence continue to gather lichen.

A few stubborn leaves cling to the almost stripped copper beach.

Just a minute. What loiters there behind the bushes?

Ah. Becky had said to Ellie: “Let’s lurk and be something interesting for Grandpa”.

Then the rain set in.

This evening Jackie kept a warm turkey and vegetable stewp on the hob and we all helped ourselves in our own time to portions of this wholesome repast accompanied by fresh crusty bread and butter with which we scurried away to our chosen nests for tasty consumption.


  1. Oops.. I just emailed you that there is not place to comment on your blog, but suddenly there is a place. I don’t know how I was viewing it before, but it did not give the option of commenting. Strange.

  2. The images of Becky hiding with Ellie made me smile, I can just picture the scene.

    I wouldn’t dare leave rubbish bags on the ground, the wildlife would rip them apart in minutes. Thankfully, we began our Christmas period with empty recycling bins and the piled to capacity black rubbish bins were emptied yesterday.

    1. Thanks very much, Sue. Our bags do occasionally get ripped open, but we don’t usually put them out so early.

  3. I once worked in waste management. In the north they were called Ash Men, in London Dusters and most other place Refuse Collectors. These days I have seen them called Environmental Operators. Whatever we call them they do a great job.

    1. I’ve not heard of Ash Men, sounds like they belong in Ken Dodd’s Liverpudlian Knotty Ash! 😃 We call them the Bin Men in my area of the north.

      1. They were called ash carts in the North East because the bins contained mostly ash because folk up there burnt most of their rubbish on the fire. Dustbins were only half size because they were so heavy.

        1. I had a feeling it would be the North East. I remember the much smaller metal bins we used to have. Never much rubbish back then.

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