To Catch A Worm

I spent much of the morning recovering pictures for

Immediately after lunch we took drive into the forest where

a weak sun photographed over Charles’s Lane

and through trees at Ogden North feebly attempted to pierce cold cloud cover.

Earlier, Martin had been stymied in his work on the patio by the frozen cementing material. He left after

cutting and carrying from the Back Drive the paving slabs he had oped to fix in place.

The knitted robin decorating the Tiptoe post-box on Wootton Road, knowing where he would land, having risen early enough to catch a juicy worm, donned a breast bib to compete with the Royal Mail red,

A string of ponies gathered outside The Rising Sun at Bashley.

Looking across the valley beneath the aforementioned Ogdens North frost still lay on the roofs, while a pillar of bonfire smoke made its way to merge with the clouds.

A pair of field horses sported rugs to put their unfashionable companion to shame,

while others simply blended with their golden hay.

This evening we all dined on oven fish and chips, sliced pickled gherkins, pickled onions, onion rings, and mushy peas, with which Jackie and I both drank Trentino Pinot Grigio 2021.


  1. We are in similar atmospheric conditions over here. The sun has barely been able to peep through. 10 days of January left to complete, and February will go by quickly, too. I can feel spring’s light step on the earth as she grows closer.

    I love the knitted robin decorating the Tiptoe post-box. 🙂

  2. Ooh Jackie’s dinner sounds so delicious, Derrick! I love the little robin on top the Royal Mail box. So cute. Lovely photos! I hope Martin can complete the patio pavers soon. ☺️??

  3. I love the robin too. Some lovely images today.
    I woke up to what i thought was snow! A lomg lasting frost today that took time to disappear despite the sunshine.

  4. The robin is adorable. Hopefully the horses don’t really care what their rugs look like, but the fashionable ones look spiffy to me.

  5. Enjoyed your photos, as always. Meal sounded different from what I am accustomed to… but the Pinot Grigio? With that I can relate!! Cheers! <3

  6. I’ve missed a lot, but I came back this far in time to check Martin’s progress. While you were freezing indoors, the work was complicated outdoors. Coincidentally, I can relate right at this moment: the fire in the stove went out last night and this morning it’s only -5 C outside (warmed up from -7 C an hour ago) Brrrrr!! The crocheted bird with worm is delightful and provided you with an excellent blog post title.

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