Picture Recovery Process

After lunch today I returned to my picture recovery task and applied this to

This is the process involved: I click on the post at me chosen date – 13th August 2022. The gallery appears as if looking through frosted glass. It carries the message that “this block contains unexpected or invalid content.” followed by the direction “Attempt block recovery”.

Clicking on the attempt box reveals the un-misted gallery of images which do not contain titles. Each gallery has the separate message, whether there are 2 or 50 images or, as in this one 55.

In one sense one large gallery is simpler; in another – perhaps featuring a dozen galleries – the un-frosting has to be carried out each time.

These images will have been recovered, probably by Peacocks Computers from the Photos section of my iMac, in which each picture has its own title. In the transferred selection there are no titles, therefore in this Barbecue post I have had to retype each one individually in order to make the statement “Each participant is named in the gallery” accurate.

Finally, the header picture was chosen directly from the Mac Photos and itself added separately.

This afternoon I watched the Six Nations rugby match between England and Italy, then returned to the recovery process, featuring

This post from 12th August contains 31 photographs spread among 10 blocks.

Ellie enjoyed the taste of her parents’ chicken passanda, chicken dopiaza, and peshwari naan from Red Chilli takeaway fare this evening, but we didn’t try her on my Tandoori King Prawn Naga, with which I drank more of the Frappata-Seyrah.


  1. I’ve finally worked out what the problem is with your picture recovery. You are making the elementary mistake of expecting the computer to do what you want it to do, rather than submitting to its choice of what is going to happen.
    Don’t give up, Derrick. It sounds to me as if the tide may be slowly turning in your favour.

  2. AW!!! So good to see beautiful Miss Ellie! Glad she is enjoying sharing her parent’s food! 😉 🙂
    Oh, my! on all of the photo recovery! Keep up the good work, Derrick!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  3. My goodness, what a lot of work. And patience! I’m glad Ellie is there to relieve the frustration and put a smile back on your face. She’s developing an adventurous palate!

    1. So did I hope so, but my problem was that I ran out of image space and they wouldn’t let me increase it, so I had to find an alternative. Thanks very much, GP

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