More Attractive Than Triffids

Bright sunshine casting shadows beneath a clear blue sky shortly before midday when I took a chilly walk around the garden belied the temperatures skirting freezing which, during a current further cold spell below 0 centigrade sending rivulets of condensation from our bedtime breath dripping down walls and misting tightly closed windows until we were able to fling them open and dash shivering downstairs to our electric portable radiators timed to ignite at their lowest heat level an hour before Jackie but perhaps a couple after I expected to emerge.

Snowdrops and hellebores share the limelight with, at a higher level, a

variety of camellias;

daffodils are following up fast;

fern filigrees and honesty seed bud traceries are picked out by the clear light, as are

new shoots from our recently pruned roses.

When we first arrived here the garden of the then abandoned next door house, North Breeze, rampaged through our land, as demonstrated by

Now we have the benefit of attractive, sweet scented, acacia,

currently in bloom, hanging over the Back Drive fence.

This afternoon I watched the Six Nations rugby match between Scotland and France – probably the most impressive contest I have ever seen.

For dinner this evening Jackie produced her omelette-topped egg fried rice on which to bed hot and spicy, and tempura prawn preparations, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Malbec.


  1. Ah, yes — the old winter routine. Turn up the heat and return to bed until it’s had a chance to take the chill off. It seems your flowers aren’t minding the chill at all–they’re really looking lovely!

  2. Love all of your Spring flowers Derrick… Everything starting to bloom.. Love those camellias, a neighbour down from one has a huge bush and its now half the size their house… Such beautiful flowers that seem to last and last..

    Sending thoughts for a great new week.. 🙂

  3. I appreciate my husband on chilly mornings since he wakes much before me and pads downstairs to put on some heat. Here we are about to get the first real snow of the year. And it is the end of February!

  4. I missed the game as I was at choir practice but I saw some highlights and it looked good. Your camellias are delightful. Your heating problems must be getting rather wearing.

    1. Thank you very much, Tootlepedal. The heating engineer is on his way. I have no idea how the players kept up their fearsome pace.

  5. I am sorry your heat is still not working, but I think you mentioned earlier possibly next week something will happen. The spring flowers look lovely, especially the camellias. Best to you both!

  6. It his amazing how the spring plants and flowers endure the cold chills that come through over night. Looks like Spring is on the way with you as well!

  7. So envious that your spring has already started across the pond. We may have some blooms this month, but usually a huge pall of the white crud descends and smothers the early daffodils and the crocuses. I doubt if any thing will be different this year!
    Beautiful pictures Derrick.

  8. How lovely to see the signs of spring breaking through. I’m sorry about the freezing weather. What a rough time you’ve had.
    Is tomorrow the big day for boiler/pump fixing?

  9. It is interesting that you should mention triffids, I took a picture of a mielie plant yesterday that had grown long shoots at the bottom and it reminded me of that book. Very pretty flowers. I love spring.

  10. Decided I will comment via my phone, as I’m so far beyond with “blogs”
    It might be very cold but nature is looking new and beautiful in your garden paradise

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