Having Slept On It

This morning I recovered the pictures for four posts.

This is the one that forced me to take a break yesterday. The pictures were all missing, and because they had been taken at various different dates and I only had the text to guide me as to where they would be in my iMac photos I lost the will to continue. Having slept on it I traced them all today and provided the header picture.

The next one suffered from “Attempt Block Recovery” which I achieved, but titles have stayed missing. I therefore just dealt with one image and title in order to make it the header.

There was just one photograph missing from this next post. Fortunately I knew where to find it.

Like the second post above these galleries were recoverable, but without titles. The header needed the same treatment.

This afternoon I published https://derrickjknight.com/2023/03/10/droll-tales-12/

Our dinner this evening consisted of hot and spicy, and tempura, prawn preparations on a bed of Jackie’s colourful savoury rice, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Frappato – Syrah.


  1. It’s funny how often we wake with new insight or new determination after a night’s sleep. It’s a reset button for humans and thank goodness for it.

  2. Amazing the good a break can do. Hope you are not still freezing. Your dinner sounds perfect on a chilly day. We are going to enjoy home made chili (one of my husband’s specialties.)

  3. I hope you can complete the reconstruction of photos to posts, derrick, that’s a big undertaking. ????????????

  4. I so admire the hard work you are doing! I know it must be frustrating at times.
    Your stick-to-it-tiveness will pay off. Yes, sleeping on it…that is often so helpful!
    (((HUGS))) for everyone at your house!

  5. You are doing a splendid job. I only wish I could help out on the recoveries, but it sounds as though the only way from now on is via your computer files.

    1. One process that is also working is to load the the post as view rather than edit, then drag the pictures onto the desktop `and from there, one by one, into the image files – because of the time involved that’s a last resort. Never mind it is interesting reading previous posts again. Thanks very much, Sue, especially for your genuine wish to help out. 🙂

      1. I’ve been spending time each day reading and editing some of my old posts with a view to republishing some of the very early ones from when I had very few followers. Some of the posts I hardly remember writing, which is surprising, especially as I only back seven years!

      2. I wonder if it would work to have another window open, one of the image file at the same as your post view. Then drag and drop or copy and paste directly into the file.
        I haven’t tried it, it’s just an idea that may or may not be feasible.

      3. I’ve been giving it more thought and I’m guessing it might not be possible to drag a post image directly into the media file.
        But once they’re on your desktop or in a folder you should be able to highlight a group and drag and drop into the media file.
        I don’t upload my images, I open the media file and drag and drop in bulk into the file.

  6. You have a lot more patience than me Derrick… I would have thrown the project out into the “Too Hard Basket” by now …

  7. It’s really true that sleep can knit up the raveled sleeve of every sort of care. I’ve learned to recognize those times when it’s time to just stop, and begin again the next day. What’s most interesting is that if I’m stymied by need of a title or certain word I can’t recall, a little sleep will surface it in the morning. It’s as though my brain goes on, working the night shift.

  8. You’re impressive with your perseverance in recovering your photos. I had similar issues a while back but on a smaller scale. It seemed to take forever to get things back where they should be.

  9. I’m so sorry it is such a chore to try and recover the photos from those past posts, Derrick. But your tenacity is inspiring. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm!!

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