Shopping At Tesco

It was before Covid that I last entered the supermarket with Jackie, but because of the amount of purchases and the Caterer in Chief having stubbed a toe I did so and was taken back to

the essential paragraphs of which could well have been produced today. In fact, had I written them today I could have saved myself the time taken to convert the 2017 post to Blocks. Never mind, I was happy to do it

While I was at it, with the help of SueW, I applied myself to carrying out the same exercise with

Unfortunately Ian had to return home after dinner yesterday so he was unable to share the bottle of Cabalié, an excellent red Pays d’Oc 2021 that he had brought at the weekend and some of which I had drunk with Jackie’s spicy chilli con carne and tricolour fuseli pasta, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. She drank Hoegaarden with this. Becky didn’t. Hampered by a sleeping Ellie, Flo and Dillon will eat later.


  1. Loved the tale from the past. Living in a college town, Friday afternoons are also the time when fraternities make their beer and booze runs before the weekend festivities. Worse if there is a big home game that weekend.

  2. Hope the stubbed toe heals well, Caterer in Chief! Those can really hurt! (I’ve broken a toe twice! 😮 )
    So nice of you to help out, Derrick!
    They have a senior adult discount day at our supermarket…boy, that is a busy, wild day to shop! HA! 😀
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

    1. Thanks very much, Carolyn. I broke a toe when stubbing it about 30 yers ago. Jackie may well have broken hers. X

  3. I can certainly relate to your “Memo to Self” article Derrick … I don’t like shopping in Supermarkets even at the best times

  4. Joshua does our main shop on Saturday mornings. Unlike me, he actually enjoys visiting the supermarket.
    Occasionally, I visit during the week for a couple of bits if I’m in the area.

  5. Pasta dressed with butter and Parmesan cheese…! Yum! Simple foods sometimes surpass those that require a bit of culinary training to pull off! I’ve made a variation with homemade egg noodles that just isn’t as good with packaged egg noodles. Now you have me thinking about making a mess in the kitchen to revisit this yummy, old favorite!

  6. Grocery shopping during busy times is never much fun. Mostly, we can go on quiet times, but every once in awhile. Hope Jackie’s toe heals quickly! I’m sure she has lots of gardening she wants to do.

  7. I haven’t been a supermarket since Covid. Hubby does the shopping or we enter our list online for pickup or delivery. Dinner sounds delicious!

  8. So many of us do not like grocery shopping. That is funny. When Kellen still lived at home (before college), I would make them come with me so I didn’t have to do the job alone. I often don’t pay attention to what time of day it is and go shopping when I get a moment, then when it’s full of people I am startled. Kellen’s dad said that during the worst of COVID, grocery stores would open up one hour before everyone else, but only for seniors, and that seemed to help. So he shopped at 7am with other cautious people.

  9. I changed my shopping habits completely because of covid. I now order on line and drive up to have the goods loaded into the car. The website highlights sales more consistently than the actual store where little tags frequently were missing. I haven’t been inside a store in three years.

  10. We’ll, I think it was about time you entered the supermarket with Jackie again! It’s much more fun to shop with your spouse than to shop alone. I bet Jackie appreciated your company ????????❤️

  11. My OH first came shopping with me during lockdown, if only to help carry everything on our weekly shop. Now things are back to normal, he still comes shopping with me.

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