Ecological Duties

Much of my day was spent on time consuming administration involving e-mails, phone calls, and research concerning blogs, electricity consumption, and on line banking..

Later, after making purchases at Ferndene Farm Shop Jackie drove me briefly round the forest.

Irises have pierced the ground beneath the surface of the reflecting Winterborne pool upon which camellia blooms have mysteriously arrived alongside Bisterne Close. How did the flowers get there?

Mossy tree roots hold firm on the corner of Bisterne Close and

Bennetts Lane, opposite which a tree, toppled

and sawn up a few years ago is steadily carrying out its ecological duties by degenerating into dust to replenish the soil.

A pair of ponies foraged between burnt gorse stems and golden gorse alongside Holmsley Passage.

This evening Jackie and I enjoyed second helpings of yesterday’s Red Chilli takeaway accompanied by Hoegaarden and the last of the Malbec, while Flo and Dillon consumed Ferndene sausages, carrots, mashed potato and broccoli, and Ellie was happy with Mashed potato and mango chutney juice.


  1. What a lovely drive…a reward…for all the hard work you got done. 🙂
    As for the beautiful irises and camellia blooms…maybe the wind or a bird “planted” them. One year we grew sunflowers that we did NOT plant. Ha! we figure it was the wind or a bird who brought us the seed(s). 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    PS…”Believe me, you will find more lessons in the woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from masters.” – St. Bernard of Clairvaux 🙂

  2. Time consuming administrative tasks deserve extra treats. You know I love those mossy tree roots hanging on tight to the corner. The second photos shows that the moss ends abruptly so that it looks like the tree is wearing moss socks or stockings. It does look like it might step out as Rosaliene observed.

  3. The gentle decay among regeneration is what I love about forests – along with damp smells and muted colours in the shade.

  4. Interesting images. Actually my first thought was about pink iris flowers ????. I have never seen a pink iris. Later I read about camellia.

  5. Those emails and such are so time-consuming. It’s good you were able to get outside afterwards. The camellias in the pond are so mysterious, but eye-catching.
    The tree with the moss-covered roots is splendid, even though it looks like it has green feet.
    All the photos are wonderful. 🙂

  6. Irises poking up through the water remind me of where I grew up. There were many yellow flag and blue flag irises that loved swampy feet. I looked forward to their blooms every year.

    I know well how administrative duties, emails, problems, etc can make an entire day evaporate.

  7. The contrast between winter and spring is much more apparent in the Uk than here. I love all the flowers.

  8. The ponies are looking so healthy, Derrick. I love to see that. And I must ask if you sprinkled the camellia blossoms about. I know you have access, and that would be so fun to do!

    1. I didn’t sprinkle the blooms. There was no bush in sight. Thanks very much, Jodie

  9. You deserved the drive through the forest after taking care of administrative duties. I hate to see a toppled tree but the closeup photo is most interesting.

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