I have been unable to use my On Line Banking reader with my debit card for a while without getting an ERROR message. Not understanding whether the problem lay with the card or with the reader we visited the NatWest bank in Lymington to find out.

It is the reader that is at fault. Apparently the battery has run down. Because it is a sealed unit I cannot replace it, and must order a new device on line. Oh frabjous joy. Why, I wonder, did no-one tell me this would eventually happen? How was I to know the thing was battery operated, anyway? Why doesn’t it recharge itself? Is it not smart enough? I’m certainly not.

After learning this, grateful that our car is repaired, Jackie and I took refuge in a Tesco shopping trip.

The reader battery may have been drained, but we haven’t been able to drain the washing machine without flooding the path around the back of the house because the soakaway cannot take the extra load resulting from our increased occupancy.

Greg of Mouland Drainage came this afternoon to create a more effective channel.

This is the original pipe, leading to the soakaway somewhere in the garden.

Having cut a dead straight channel through the concrete floor, Greg laid a new, level, pipe to the kitchen drainage catcher;

mixed cement; and concreted over the new pipe, leaving all a great deal neater than he had found it.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s colourful savoury rice topped with omelette; hot and spicy and salt and pepper prawn preparations; and spring rolls, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the CΓ΄tes du RhΓ΄ne.


  1. The day sounds draining on multiple levels. The joys of a young baby they don’t tell you about
    I had to smile at the idea that big box grocery store drive might compare to a forest drive. ????

  2. YAY for all helpers who help you!!!
    YAY for Greg!!! He has a lovely smile!
    The banking-stuff AND the pipe-stuff all sounds draining and complicated to me!
    YAY for finding refuge in shoppin’!
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚ ❀️
    PS…Just for fun…
    Man: My wife and kids laughed when they saw me chase a penny which rolled down the drain.
    They were having fun at my ex pence.

  3. A home is a hole that you pour money into, guys! There’s always something broken or needing replacement… The fella did a great job repairing that line.

  4. You have been doing a very good job in providing employment for businesses in your area. I daresay that you will be quite pleased if you don’t have to call on anyone else for a while.

    1. I don’t have much faith in that, Dolly. Jackie thinks we need a new car which will probably absorb the money saved for painting the outside of the house. πŸ™‚ Thanks very much

  5. I’m assuming the constant heavy rain also added to the drainage problem. It did here.

    As for the Nat West Reader. Am I right in thinking that your fairly new mobile phone is a Smart Phone? If so, you can ditch the reader and install the Nat West App. Believe me, your banking will be straight forward and so much easier.
    Install the App, Derrick and make your life easier. πŸ™‚
    Gosh, I sound like an advert for Nat West online banking.

    1. That is obviously the way forward, Sue. The woman in the bank did say something about an app but I said I only wanted to use my phone to make and receive calls. πŸ™‚ That was a good point about the recent rains. Thanks very much.

      1. Oh, I understand completely because I was exactly the same, Derrick, I insisted my phone was a phone and nothing else.

        Until I learned the true value of my smartphone/mini computer and I realised how much less hassle it was to pay the bills without having to use the reader.

        When it’s my turn to pay for the food shop I give Joss my card.

        I love that every time my Debit card is used a message pops up on my phone to tell me. I know within seconds how much money he has spent and where.

        1. Having failed even to photograph the QR code, I’m letting Elizabeth order me a new reader on line πŸ™‚

          1. It’s a tricky one.
            If ever you change your mind, go to the bank during the quiet time, they will help you set it up.

  6. I could not help but laugh a little at your humorous lamentations on technology as I could easily relate to your questions about the battery. I thought frabjous might be a fabricated word, but no, just another example of your extensive vocabulary! I bet it’s your sense of humor that makes your helpers smile.

  7. I had no idea what an online banking reader might be, so I looked it up. I couldn’t quite grasp it myself, but it seems much more complicated than the system I use. I downloaded my bank’s app onto my iPhone, and that’s all I need to pay bills or check my account. Apparently I could deposit checks online, too, but I’m only two blocks from the bank so I’m still doing that in person.

  8. Frabjous is a new word to me. I trust you will get an advanced version of the reader. It is no drainage that will not get clogged over time. Someday, we could be 3D printing new readers as well as drainage systems.

  9. I feel sure your vorpal sword went snicker-snack at the very thought of having to order something online instead of, for example, getting one in person from the bank! You and Jackie certainly went galumphing back to replenish your stores and returning home to contemplate a future with no more woes!

  10. The Jabberwocky seems apt for your day, though it ended well with a delicious dinner.
    I agree with all the comments above about Greg and old houses.

    I also had no idea about what an online bank reader was, but does seem the app might be much easier. Also–sometimes you can download an app to your computer, if that’s easier to use than your phone.

  11. I’ve never heard of a bank reader, doing all (or mostly) my banking on-line.
    What a situation to deal with! Thankfully, your Greg looks like a most cheerful fellow!

    1. Thanks very much, Dale. It seems we can now do our banking through a phone app. Maybe that’s what you do. Greg is a lovely man. It is him I am struggling to pay

  12. You and Jackie have suffered through one problem after another, Derrick. I am hoping you will have some smooth sailing for a while. You have put up with so much!

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