Mothers And Daughters

In my recent post I featured photographs of Jackie and Ellie, and of Jackie and Flo as a baby. Becky has now e-mailed me two photographs of herself with her daughter as a baby, taken by Jackie.

I can now feature these images alongside each other.

Shortly before lunch Jackie drove me to Sears Barbers in Milford on Sea for a haircut. Peter has retired and I was shorn by Tracy.

This afternoon I converted the following post from Classic to Blocks edit:

This evening we all dined at the Britannia Thai restaurant in Milford on Sea. I really enjoyed my prawn Jungle Curry with special fried rice; I am not sure what the others’ meals were called but everyone found them excellent. While Flo drank water the rest of us drank very potable Singha beer.

Jackie photographed Ellie and me at the table.


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  1. Oh my, your family photos are so precious, guys! Thanks for sharing. I like your new haircut, Derrick, you have far more hair than I do! ????????????

  2. Singha is the only beer I have ever tasted that I liked. I first tasted it in Thailand, of course, but was never able to find it again until I lived in L.A. and met a very nice gentleman–can’t remember where. In class at UCLA or perhaps in a coffee shop and don’t know how the subject came up but turns out he had a case of it in his trunk! He offered to give me some and came to my apt. to deliver it. It was all very friendly and we were talking and my boyfriend got home and hit the roof! I’d never seen him that way. He was like a bantam rooster. Needless to say, I didn’t get my Singha beer and within the year that live-in boyfriend was no longer around as well. I think he was projecting his own personality on that very nice man who meant no harm…Or perhaps my boyfriend saved me from a serial killer? We’ll never know, but I’ve never tasted Singha beer since.

  3. Love your new haircut. Ellie looks like she’s very familiar with the camera. I had a refreshing white wine sangria in DC a few days ago.

  4. Love your new haircut. Ellie looks like she is quite familiar with the camera. I had a refreshing white wine sangria in DC a few days ago.

    1. I think children and adults are similar in this respect – both prefer mild at first – some then increase the heat – some never do. Ellie likes very mild korma sauce – so did Flo. Thanks very much, John

  5. Sweet beautiful smiles and mom and daughter times!
    Does Peter still cut your hair? I remember you mentioning him in a post years ago.
    Your new ‘do looks good! Little Cooper got his nails done and his hair did this week…so he’s lookin’ like a new man! (Ha!)
    You and Ellie look like you are ready to eat!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks very much, Carolyn. Peter has retired. Jackie has been cutting it for a while but I am returning to the same barbers with different staff. X

  6. It’s pure delight to see such generational pairings. It would be wonderful to record a set like this on an annual basis as the children grow.

  7. My younger brother and his lovely Thai wife(sadly deceased) used to run a fabulous Thai restaurant (Jasmine) in Ballarat … It was an extremely popular eatery destination for the locals’ Derrick …

    1. Indeed, JoAnna. It is 8 years since we last visited there. We won’t wait so long again

  8. Excellent haircut! Your generational panel is very interesting to see. Photographs are a good reminder of how our children and grandchildren are growing up – and record our own ageing 🙂

  9. I love those mother-daughter photos! And your meal sounds delicious. Bob & I both love Thai food. Looks like Tracy did a good job on your haircut. Cute of Ellie looking over her shoulder. She’s sure growing!

  10. I enjoyed seeing those photos side by side. How nice to have others bring together the collection that you’ve shared here. You look terrific with your new barber cut, and Ellie looks well-prepared for the meal with a collection of toys.

    1. Thank you so much, Alys. The toys give Ellie something to chew on 🙂

  11. Derrick, you are looking very fit and fine. Those pics of the mothers/daughters/granddaughters/ great granddaughters taken by the mothers and daughters are precious. Thank you for sharing.

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