Jackie began the day by photographing a pair of dripping wood pigeons huddled atop the Weeping Birch before overnight rain had desisted.

As the skies began to brighten we set off on a drive into the forest where the only signs of livestock were

cyclists like these on Sowley Lane, on the verge of which the

Assistant Photographer photographed attractive pink bramble blossom along with fruit not fully formed beside a

potato field in the

process of being sprayed with waterworks which could probably have

inspired Handel.

I spent much of the afternoon recovering one post’s pictures. I could not have got anywhere with it without Wayback. There was no other way to work out which pictures were missing, especially as some of those that were there bore no relevance to the text:

In the event, it was impossible for me to change either the header picture or the category. Although this doesn’t really matter I would have liked to have done both.

This evening we all dined on roast lamb, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and gravy, followed by Apple Strudel and custard with which Jackie and Becky drank Blossom Hill White Zinfandel 2021, Ian drank Peroni, and I finished the Nerello Mascalese.

Ellie finished off the bone.


  1. I like the photos of the potato plants being watered! Ellie is so adorable, hi Ellie! Dinner sounds so delicious, Jackie! Apple Strudel and roast potatoes – so delicious! ❤️????????????

  2. Thank you for the inspiring breakfast-time music Derrick … me and Frankie are dancing and prancing, and ready for our walkie …

  3. Thank you for the music – I continued and listened to a few more pieces.
    I enjoy seeing Eliie and her amusing dining habits.

  4. Once again, very nice photos that give me a hood sense of your countryside. The menu always leaves me hungry. I may have fought the young one for the bone????

        1. I looked up this phrase – I’m going to try it on m American grandson-in-law.

          1. I love the phrase. My wife thinks I’m corny and immature when I use it. She’s right ????????????. As when she asks me a common sense question and I reply with a common sense answer, “honey, does a bear sh.. in the woods”, or “honey, is the Pope Catholic”. That gets her ire so, honestly, I don’t use it for fear she’d swat me so hard that ‘I’d land in next week’.

  5. Is there some sort of law that when one irrigates or waters rain will immediately follow? That keeps happening here. Love the teething babe.

  6. Tell me about Nerello Mascalese. I have not heard of it. Ellie reminds me of the song that ends with “…and the little ones chewed on the bones-o, the bones-o, the bones-o…” Fun!

      1. Good morning. Happy Tuesday, {{{Derrick}}} ❤️ Thank you for that wonderful link. A treasure chest of wine information ????????????

  7. I enjoyed listening the music while reading your post. The photos from you and Jackie are lovely, especially the pink bramble one. The photos of your grandparents from back then are precious! Photos are a form of time travel.

    1. Thank you very much, Lavinia. I am pleased you listened while reading, and I like your time travel point

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