Becky’s Birthday Meal

Over recent weeks we have all tinkered a little with weeding the Back Drive and its borders. Flo put in a good shift early this morning and

Martin spent much of the day on revealing the brick edging as he thinned out plants both welcome and intrusive.

I read another good chunk of Doctor Zhivago.

This evening our dining party at Britannia Thai In Milford on Sea included Becky, whose birthday it is, Ian, Flo, Dillon, Ellie, Jackie and me.

We shared mixed starters,

some of which Ellie sampled with relish;

Jackie’s Panang curry and noodles is an example of the delicious main courses;

and three of us (excluding me) had room for the wonderfully light and aromatic stem ginger pudding with ice cream. Singha beer, Diet Coke, and J2O were the chosen beverages. Service was as friendly and efficient as always.


  1. Sounds like an enjoyable day of variety with gardening, Dr. Zhivago, and Britannia Thai which I think I’d like. That ginger pudding does sound interesting. I’m guessing that’s the item that looks like cake next to the ice cream.

  2. Happy Birthday to Becky! I hope she’s still celebrating! ❤️
    The birthday desserts look yummy! Sounds like a wonderful place to dine.
    Beautiful Ellie is a good sampler of foods! 🙂
    The garden workers did a great job!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. The back drive is looking good.
    Happy Birthday to Becky. I think the Britannia is a fabulous place, I can visualise what everyone else’s food was like from the previous delicious looking images.

    I look forward to seeing the next special birthday outing. 🙂

    1. Yes, indeed, Dale. If I hadn’t finished Jackie’s and Becky’s first course my belly would have been happier carrying the ginger pud. 🙂

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