Back On The Road

A soft breeze gently ruffled the still air this morning as we set off for a short forest drive culminating in brunch at the Lakeview Café.

Steam rose from the warmed wet tarmac of Holmsley Passage dappled by sunlight licking the browning bracken.

The winterbourne pool along Bisterne Close, so recently devoid of water, now reflected cotton clouds, overhead lines, spent yellow iris leaves, and a nearby gate.

The weather was now once more sultry enough to summon flies to pester ponies

already seeking shade from trees stippling hide and branch.

Hidden behind New Lane near New Milton are the manmade Orchard Fishing Lakes, permit holders of which enjoy the proximity of Lakeview Café which serves freshly cooked excellent quality food at most reasonable prices.

On such a lovely day enjoying warm sunshine filtered by scudding clouds, it was hardly surprising that soon after midday this family run business was packed out inside with room for other diners to bask comfortably at tables outside while watching the fishers’ quiet repose.

All ingredients, especially the real meaty beef burger, homemade coleslaw, and plentiful fresh salad in my gourmet burger choice, even on such a busy day, were of excellent quality, and strong cutlery was up to the job of cutting the food..

Jackie’s tuna panini was equally perfectly prepared and presented.

Including Jackie’s coffee, this meal set me back £21 to which I added a £3 tip.

Naturally we were warned of a wait, which did not bother us, so Jackie investigated the reading matter; the cakes and crisps to which, should we need anything else after our main courses, we could serve ourselves; and the ever changing artwork on the walls.

In the meantime I observed today’s other customers which included obvious retirees, visiting families, and local people, all contributing to the cheerful ambience generated by the efficient, friendly, and helpful staff.

As I have been off my fodder this week, the brunch was more than enough to satisfy me for the day, so I didn’t join the rest of the family as they enjoyed another of Jackie’s chicken and vegetable soups this evening.


  1. Wow guys, perfect weather, delicious food and good company – perfect! The food looks so good, I LOVE a good tuna sandwich. If I think of the price you paid for your lunch, that sounds very reasonable in dollars and cents!

  2. Your prose is in high form today, I liked descriptions of pony pesterers, scudding clouds, and “the warmed wet tarmac of Holmsley Passage dappled by sunlight licking the browning bracken.” As everyone has said, the lunch looks outstanding, especially that gourmet burger and the fresh, fresh salads.

  3. Congratulations on your new car. The i10 is not available in Australia, as the shipping cost makes the price unappealing, but our 11-year-old red Hyundai i30 – Red Dwarf – is going strong. (You can buy an i20 here)

  4. I’m glad you were able to get out and about again after both the bad weather and your cold.. And lunch too! 🙂
    Hope you’re enjoying the new car.

    1. Thanks very much, Sue. Jackie is still getting used to driving the car. That short trip has been my only excursion

  5. I’m so happy that the weather cooperated and you felt well enough to go out. The shadowed lanes and reflections are beautiful, and the lunch looks delicious.The salads and coleslaw look so fresh. It looks like you had a lovely outing!

  6. It sounds like a beautiful day out, Derrick and Jackie. A good lunch, plenty of ponies and angled warm sun. It won’t be long before pannage time is here, and the Gloucester Old Spots will be out and about. 🙂

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