The Last Rays Of Summer

After their meal last night everyone came back here and we enjoyed a pleasant continuation of the birthday celebration, including Flo’s firm and moist mango flavoured cake.

While the others slept in this morning Jackie and I took a trip into the forest. As it was another warm and sunny day beneath a clear cerulean sky featuring clustered cotton cloud we experienced an influx of visitors enjoying the last rays of summer.

This meant a gentler pace gained along our lanes and thoroughfares:

we followed cyclists along Undershore, so sinuous as to make passing dangerous;

horse riders ambling oblivious along Furzey Lane;

and slow moving traffic, their progress halted by ponies on various roads – all part of New Forest retirement life.

The clipped tails of some of the ponies betrayed their recent attendance at Drift annual roundups and health checks.

Dozing donkeys basked in shade on the verges of Pilley Street

alongside the former telephone box book exchange attached to the village shop that has now moved to the new Community Hall.

The aforementioned horse riders on Furzey Lane travelled beneath

horse chestnuts soon to bounce on the tarmac

and maple seeds preparing to execute rocking helicopter descents.

This afternoon I watched the rugby World Cup matches between Portugal and Georgia, and between England and Chile.

Becky and Ian returned home before dinner this evening, which consisted of Red Chilli takeaway fare. My choice was prawn pathia, enjoyed with Becky’s doggy bag prawns and coconut rice from yesterday’s Thai meal. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2020.


  1. The donkeys are so cute as they doze in the summer sun! We have those little helicopter seeds here too, they were fun when we were kids. the new library is a great use of the old phone box, we have those too but they are usually on a pole as far as I know.

  2. It’s nice that the ponies get health checks and are then released. I will remember those dozing donkeys next time I have trouble sleeping. Moist mango flavoured cake sounds wonderful!

  3. Those donkeys are so darn photogenic! And I love the way “animals rule” around your area. The old telephone booth is fab. American telephone booths were always pretty dull, so you never even hear people saying they miss them.

  4. good to see you out and about – enjoy

    summer popped up here last week but this weekend it’s dipped back to winter a little, and the clocks sprung forward this morning…

  5. What a beautiful day it was in the forest today. Soft warm sunshine and glorious colours. Ponies coats are taking on gorgeous autumn changes too. Love the donkeys that are always outside our house in Pilley. Let’s hope we still have more lovely days to come. Thanks Derrick for the lovely pics

  6. I have not come across a mango flavoured cake before – it sounds delicious. Apart from the animals, which I always enjoy seeing, I love the little library!

  7. Your “clustered cotton cloud” and sinuous lane descriptions sounds like you are feeling much better. I’m glad you could enjoy the rest of the party.
    “Furzey Lane” sounds like it should be in a Charles Dickens’ novel. I liked the cyclists on Undershore–like they were riding through a shadowed tunnel–and the sleepy donkeys.

  8. Oh my! Your muse was alert today! “… cerulean sky featuring clustered cotton cloud” – beautiful! And the photos of those donkeys – ah, perfect! I wanna pet their noses.

  9. Your posting pictures of the horse chestnuts reminds me of when I played conkers with the boys in Kensington Gardens. I learned from one of them if you heated them up carefully in the oven you could make them rock hard and extremely hard to break. You needed to drill the hole first though for the string. I often won ????
    It is still raining.

  10. Those donkeys seem to be soaking up the last warm rays! New Forest looks beautiful and peaceful.

    A little rain last night. Colder and wetter weather here forecast this week.

  11. We had an enormous horse chestnut tree when I was a kid. Seeing that photo I can remember exactly how the outside prickly part contrasted with the smooth nut.

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