Ellie And Great-Granny Watch Telly

With gale force winds and intermittent rain raging outside we stayed in this morning.

Hey Duggie! amused my subjects while they amused me, especially with the gamut of feelings expressed in our great-granddaughter’s absorption of the focus of her attention.

This evening’s dinner consisted of succulent roast duck and onions; roast sweet potatoes and creamy mashed white ones; crunchy carrots; and firm broccoli, with meaty gravy. Jackie and I each drank more of yesterday’s wines.


    1. Yes. She has developed her engagement with various programmes as she has expanded her personality

  1. Ellie is so adorable and growing so fast! ???? You are close to the coast I think. hence those gale force winds, right? Yikes!

  2. Sounds like a good day to stay cozy inside with the grand baby. Ellie looks so intelligent. You captured some great expressions. I love the fox pants.

  3. Ah yes, this child certainly knows how to focus! What a cutie!! Grandma Jackie is such a dear… as much fun to watch her as it is to watch Ellie. Oh happy day! Enjoy, Derrick!!

  4. Ellie is such an expressive child! I am glad you were all safe and snug inside during the storm, and enjoying time together. These are precious years.

  5. If there was a love button other than the like I would have hit it twice! Once for that adorable great granddaughter and the other for one of my favorite foods, duck!

  6. Absolutely delightful!
    What a lovely way to spend a horrid morning (weather wise). I love the expressions on both their faces.
    Supper is making me hungry for mine and I haven’t even had breakfast yet. I think I’ll have to settle for toast. 🙂

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