Assisted Mobility

During her morning play time with Great Granny Ellie made her way across the room to me. At 14 months she is now able to stand alone but needs assistance to take the steps.

Following steady rain throughout the night Jackie reported that on a later shopping trip water was lapping at the bridge over Sea Road in Milford on Sea.

After lunch and before we went out for a drive I finished reading “The Golden Sovereign” by Richard Church. I will review it tomorrow.

On our trip we noticed several waterlogged fields and the banks burst of the stretch of Highland Water which still fortunately flowed under the bridge over Brockenhurst Road.

We were treated to Halloween displays at Southampton Road and

Winsor Road, Copythorne. It was the resident of the Southampton Road house who recommended the Winsor Road one. We were also

impressed by the garden opposite hers, with its antique flavour.

This evening we all dined on spring rolls; three prawn preparations -hot and spicy, salt and pepper, and Tempura – on a bed of Jackie’s garlic flavoured savoury rice, with which she and I drank more of yesterday’s beverages.


  1. Hi Ellie! Many locations around my are also have many Halloween decorations like the ones you photographed. Trick or treat, smell my feet! ????

  2. Agree great pictures

    Greater worries on the potential overfilling of water tables, that lead to flooding. Hope the underground water evaporates

  3. Ellie looks determined. 🙂 Soon she’ll be exploring the garden on her own. 🙂
    The Halloween decorations are spooky and fun! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    PS… “From small baby steps to big dreams.” 🙂

  4. Oh, that sweet face. Soon she will be tooling around. Fun, spooky Halloween decorations.

  5. Won’t be long before you are chasing Ellie around the house. Your last photos made me laugh – what to do with leftover farm equipment? We see so much of it as we travel around this country road trip.

  6. Ellie usually looks pensive or confident, so the hint of nervousness (or maybe awe) on her face reinforces how much she trusts Jackie in this new adventure. How wonderful that you’ve captured this in your photos here. I like old wooden door at the Chapelcott.

  7. It has been fun keeping abreast of Ellie’s progress. Great Granny is going to be rushing around herself before too long! Halloween hasn’t really taken off in this country, so it is interesting to see the decorations in your part of the world.

    1. Thanks very much, Anne. We are not into Halloween ourselves, but it has gradually taken off for some in this country

  8. Lovely images of Jackie and Ellie. The questioning expression on Ellie’s face made me smile – “What are they making me do now?” 🙂

      1. I’m not receiving your comments again! No rhyme or reason is there?
        Oh, and you have a couple of replies on Secret Diners.

  9. Good for Ellie! Cute pictures!!! And, Derrick, I too was enamored with the “antique flavour” of that garden. But, it doesn’t hold a candle to yours!

  10. Ellie is getting tall! I love her expressions you capture so well, Derrick. A Halloween decorations tour and a good supper sound like a nice finish to the day.

  11. love looking at pictures of Jackie and Ellie. melts the heart. reminds me of Tyger’s first steps and now very much looking forward to Theo’s turn. 🙂
    Halloween is pretty much up in your part of town. great photos as always 🙂

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