It’s An Ill Wind…

I have had a bit of a relapse on the chiropractic front. Yesterday and overnight I was in increasing pain which gave me a pretty bad night. This meant that this morning’s session was less enjoyable than usual.

I wasn’t up to doing much today, so, in preparation for a later visit from James Peacock to help with my printer problems, I cleared six months of paperwork from the top of that machine, filed and shredded most of it, and made a few consequent phone calls. After I had finished James called to say that on his way to us his car windscreen had been smashed by a flying stone, so he couldn’t continue. There are of course pools all over the roads with much gravel washed into them.

Ah well, thinking of my paperwork, which wouldn’t otherwise have been tackled, it’s an ill wind………

Later I read most of the next Gogol story, before we all dined exquisitely at the Fleur de Lys.


  1. Oh Derrick, I hope you feel much better very soon. I know how painful back issues are and have a handicap tag in my car to prove it.

    Funny you should mention shredding, two days ago I began shredding ten or more years worth of useless federal tax documents.

    The large quantity killed the old shredder so off I went to purchase a replacement. No need for ex wife tax documents here! ????????

  2. Every time you look at that cleared printer you can revel in a sense of achievement. And I hope your temporary setback is just that – temporary, I mean. But let’s spare a thought for poor James: windscreens with all their built-in technology are not cheap to replace these days! Do you remember when a cockatoo threw a large pebble on mine and smashed it? (Then ran off to boast to all his mates so they could do the same).

  3. The problem about pain is that it is internal with nothing to show for it outside – so you look fine to others. I deal with arthritic pain on a daily basis so can empathise with your disappointment. As for clearing the decks, well, sometimes I am pleased when family come to visit for that provides the impetus for finally getting round to tidying away all sorts of things. Naturally, I add my wishes to those of your other readers that the treatment you are receiving will help you overcome this setback.

  4. Oh, my! 😮 An ill wind, indeed. 🙁
    I hope a happy, good-fortune wind replaces that ill one.
    I hope you are free of pain soon.
    I hope James gets his window repaired soon. Stone flying at a window…so scary.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. So sorry you had a painful night and session. Hopefully all will be set to right soon. In the meantime, you were most efficient! Sometimes the Universe helps us get organised…

  6. Well, the only positive about today seems to be just the paperwork, like you say it’s an ill wind.
    I’m so sorry about the relapse, I do hope it is short lived.

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