Bedraggled Beasts

Late this morning on which leakage from the overhead slate colander, presaging the anticipated onset of storm Jocelyn, dribbled down our windscreen in the headlight-gloom, Jackie drove us to Hockey’s Farmyard Café for brunch in this outlet very sparse of customers, most of whom had probably decided to stay at home.

Just before mid-day we seemed to be approaching twilight along Roger Penny Way.

The swelling stream sped across the ford at the foot of Abbotswell Road.

Livestock, seemingly knowing what was coming later, kept well out of sight, except for 

a damp duo of donkeys a little further up the hill;

a sodden pair of ponies near Ibsley ford;

and a soggy couple of calves alongside Forest Road.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s splendid penne Bolognaise and tender runner beans with which she drank Fattori Pinot Grigio 2022 and I drank Patrick Chodot Fleurie 2022.


  1. The animals look so sad, Derrick! Aww. The foggy photos look just like Las Vegas has had for three days now, the sun has finally popped out this morning though! Three days of rain is very unusual for this area…

  2. It’s a bit cooler down here, 2 reasonable nights sleep, but possibly going to get sizzling later as the summer crickets are making noises

  3. Oh, those poor damp, soggy, sodden animals! What a miserable weather day! (But they are all sure cute!!! 🙂 ) They got more than a sprinkle on their heads!
    Stay safe, warm, and dry!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. As I write this I’m in bed listening to the frightening sound of the high winds again. It’s back to 56 mph.
    Well done for going out and braving such dreadful weather.
    Lizzy and I cancelled our Tuesday lunch and stayed in our own homes. Even Woody refused to go outside.
    I love your photos of the grim, dim day and the poor soaking wet animals, but I’m shocked to see the calves out, they look too young to be outdoors in winter.

  5. Your photographs convey the sogginess of the day. I am not surprised many of the potential customers had decided to remain indoors. One cannot help feeling empathy for the animals who have nowhere to hide / shelter from the rain.

  6. You have to feel for the wild life in this constant barrage of weather fronts one after the other .. Thank goodness you have Jackie’s splendid evening meals to look forward to Derrick lol 🙂

  7. You were really waxing with poetic alliteration today. Great pictures. Hope you meal was delicious. I sort of wondering since you did not mention the food and were able to enjoy Jackie’s tasty dinner when you got home.

    1. It has been incredibly difficult to get my posts on for the last week or so. It took me several hours to do this one. Thanks very much, Pat

  8. The soggy calf photos are delightful. You’ve also captured the gathering storm and overflowing streams well, which leads me to hope that the next storm isn’t as punishing. Swollen creeks, rivers, and streams will no doubt spill in places they shouldn’t. We’re having a heavy downpour as I write this, not common here. I hope your home is safe from flooding and finally warm from your latest repairs.

  9. The animals are stoically waiting out the weather, and you have captured the day well, Derrick. I hope you and Jackie have better weather ahead. With heavy rain comes falling trees. That is a real problem here. Be careful!

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