Late Afternoon

Today the weather was bright, sunny, and somewhat cooler.

Jackie and I took a late afternoon forest drive.

A pair of mallards perched on the branches reflected in the first of these images from Pilley lake jumped off as I arrived, while a toy cow waited patiently for a bus.

A group of donkeys wandered along Jordans Lane

On a hill up Beaulieu Road a pony became silhouetted against the traffic.

Ponies cropped the moorland grass alongside Holmsley Road.

Later, I posted

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s tasty lemon chicken, sautéed potatoes and mixed veg; and crisp broccoli with which she drank Puglia Fiano 2021 and I drank Réserve Pierre Merlot 2021.


  1. Gorgeous. I can only spot the mallards swimming over the silhouette of the branches, not actually standing on them. I may have missed them in the first picture. Dinner sounds wonderful. I will have to go eat my own leftovers shortly.

    1. The ducks left their perch and scooted away just as I got there. Thank you very much, Pat

  2. The first reflection of branches looks like a figure leaning in from the side with a heart shaped head. It’s always nice to see the ponies and donkeys.

  3. I love that first photo. It’s mysterious. Eerie. OK is the house pick upside down or a reflection? The brown donkey is beautiful. Your meal sounds lovely. Jacky certainly knows how to make me feel hungry,

  4. Beautiful photos…each and every one! And your reflection photos are THE bestest! You know I love the donkey photos! Really, really hope that little cow got back to it’s family.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. It seems like it’s been a while since you were out and about with blue sky. Beautiful reflection photos–I like all of them. Left behind toys always make me feel sad.
    I love the donkeys. It’s still amazing to me that they (and the other animals) wander about in your part of the world.

  6. An afternoon of reflecting on reflections, angled light, animals and forest scenes. I love these outings you and Jackie take in the forest.

    It is warmer here now, though Old Man Winter still has time to hurl a few more storms at us. A balmy 53 degrees here at dawn with a full chorus of fine frogs still singing.

  7. Hi Derrick! I love that gnarly tree photo of Jackie’s… with the branch that curled into a heart shape. So cool! And of course, I always love seeing the donkeys. The toy cow waiting for the bus brought a smile. Thanks!

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