Becky’s Biology Lesson

Despite the dreary drizzle-day and thanks to Martin’s weeks of clearance work in the beds there is now no corner of the garden not

brightened by snowdrops and more.

As usual clicking on any image will access the gallery, each item of which can be enlarged and bears a title; some also bearing bumble bees which yesterday had sped freely around the garden. Today, motionless, they cling to a number of plants from which they had sought sustenance then. When I mentioned this to Becky she explained that these insects, not having skeletons, contain fluid beneath their flesh which in cold weather coagulates causing a state of somnolence until liquifying once more on warming up.

Ian returned from Southbourne last night, in time to shop with Becky today for our dinner this this evening. They returned with 6 rib eye steaks; chips, and peas, which Becky cooked to perfection, according to individual choices; with M & S rice and bread and butter puddings to follow. I drank more of the Côtes du Rhône Villages


  1. Both beautiful and informative, Derrick. A double helping of delight. I had been wondering about Martin recently and am delighted to hear that his excellent work in the garden continues.

  2. Thanks to Becky for the biology lesson and to Martin for beautifying the garden. I especially like the, stacked rocks, owls and daffodils.

  3. Beautiful! and Bee-utiful! (HA!) Oh, please thank Becky for the wonderful bee biology lesson! I didn’t know that about bumble bees!
    Ooh! Eye (HA!)…er…I spotted some owls!
    Your meal sounds so delicious and hearty!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Bees already? The snowdrops in our garden haven’t made an appearancee, not even shoots. The daffodils are growing, but there are no flowers yet.
    I didn’t know about the bees either. Thank you, Becky.

  5. Beautiful photos, Derrick and Jackie! Over the years, I have seen many a bee pulled over on a flower for the night, much like truckers pulled over for the night in rest areas along the interstates.

  6. Hi Derrick! Your garden looks beautiful! And your meal last night which “Becky cooked to perfection” sounded wonderful! Send her my way. I could use a little help in the kitchen!!

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