Harbingers Of Spring

With a weak sun periodically lifting the grey of the day, after a shop at Tesco Jackie and I drove into the forest, where we found reflecting pools continuing along the lanes and verges,

such as those of Bisterne Close;

Forest Road, where one rather bewildered gull looked bemused as a flock of others took off when we arrived;

and Beckley Common Road, along which the worst potholes have actually recently been filled.

This latter road also harbours discarded wheelbarrows beside mossy roots like those on the bank at the other end of

Bennets Lane from

The White Buck pub.

Another wrecked van has been dumped on the path to a house off Molsley Passage. I hope the residents take comfort from the

golden gorse landscape they can look out on.

Currently the ubiquitous blackthorn rivals the splendour of the gorse.

Although we are certainly seeing harbingers of spring, ponies like this one on Bisterne Close are retaining their shaggy winter coats.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s tasty penne Bolognese with Parmesan cheese. I added Scotch Bonnet sauce to mine. The Culinary Queen and Ian both drank Blue Moon and I drank more of the Cabernet Sauvignon.


  1. Like our groundhog ”predicting” winter. Does a pony retaining its Winter coat mean anything about the coming weather?

    1. I imagine it does – maybe prompted by mistrust of unseasonable warmth. Thanks very much, GP

  2. Season in transition. It is saddening to see dumped vehicle (push and powered) littering that gorgeous countryside. We have the same dichotomy here too.

  3. I laughed at your juxtaposition of the comment about potholes being filled and the photo of the wheelbarrows. I thought, “Well, that’s one way to do it!” Then I figured it out.

  4. You’ve captured the beauty all around you, Derrick. I’ve always enjoyed the beauty of moss, and it’s especially pretty on the roots of the tree. I’m glad you’re seeing filled potholes, but it must be disappointing to see man-made discards cluttering the otherwise lovely forests and vistas. Dinner sounds yummy.

  5. I’m glad to see that the pony hasn’t cast it’s clout yet – very sensible! Our blackthorn isn’t out yet but we do have the cherry-plum in bloom. I am sorry the forest is spoilt by dumped rubbish – we have a similar problem here.

  6. Your prose is a delight – as are your photographs. Abandoned wheelbarrows? They look in far better condition than my rusty one 🙂 As for the burnt out vehicle – presumably that will be removed before long.

    1. Those that you see in the picturea are not as deep as many, which are lethal when filled with water

  7. There are indications popping out the show that Spring is just around the corner. Love your photos… especially the huge tree roots along the road. I guess we will always have potholes!

  8. The blackthorn and gorse are beautiful signs of spring, and I love massive mossy tree roots!. It is sad to see the abandoned wheelbarrows and van. Is there no county-wide service that removes such abandoned things?

  9. Blackthorn already? The differences in temperature between the south and north is very apparent lately.
    I don’t blame the ponies for hanging on to their winter coats a little longer. My mum used to say ‘Never cast a clout until May is out!’ Maybe they know the saying too.

  10. Sweet shaggy pony! (I don’t put my winter coats away too soon! 🙂 )Beautiful blackthorn! Magnificent moss! Remarkable reflections!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. The green of the moss is beautiful and the pony is wisely hanging on to its winter coat – I see frost is forecast for Saturday. As for the pot-hole, seems you have the same useless repairers as we have round our way. The poor cars suffer! Lovely to see your part of the world, Derrick.

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