Mirrors For Ponies

With the weather milder and drier, after a brief splash through the streets of the New Forest, Jackie and I enjoyed another excellent lunch at Camellia’s restaurant in Everton Nursery.

Primroses, like these on a Boldre bank, are now appearing everywhere.

Many streets like these at Pilley still bear pools that most drivers would prefer to avoid;

greens there also provide mirrors for ponies,

some of whom find damp grass to lie on.

We were slow enough entering Lymington for me to snatch this shot through the windscreen.

Becky and Ian returned home to Southbourne this afternoon, and were therefore unable to partake of this evening’s sustenance consisting of our usual variety of prawn preparations and Jackie’s savoury rice with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Nero d’Avala


  1. I enjoy seeing reflections too. Cannot help feeling a little envious of all that water – we received 4mm or rain last night so light that the ground was still dry under the trees.

  2. Prime rose appears everywhere; I envy you. In Wyoming where I live snow is everywhere.
    but this year February is mild; in the 40s and 50s so far! We might have early spring.

  3. I look out of the window each day and feel so sorry for animals, soggy grazing has become the norm, and the sun hardly ever shines.
    those refections are gorgeous, Derrick.

  4. I love the pony mirrors. #3 looks like the pony is looking at the reflection. I’d be tempted to feed the next batch of ponies. The entering Lymington shot is interesting.

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