Waiting In The Wings

On a chilly, largely overcast morning, occasionally lifted by sunlight peeking over the sometimes fluffy cotton clouds, I wandered around with my camera enjoying the general views opened up by Martin’s dedicated winter’s work.

It was difficult to ignore the red Japanese maple,

even when the collection of trees featured both the doomed Weeping birch tree and its foreground gingko waiting in the wings.

The second image in the first gallery features the Brick Path.

Here is another, followed by

one of the Gazebo Path, from the far end of which

can be seen this view west.

Whichever way we look we benefit from Martin’s work.

These are from the Rose Garden.

This morning Jackie shopped at Ferndene Farm Shop where she enjoyed the Gloucester Old Spot piglets at their trough.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s spicy penne Bolognese with Parmesan cheese with which she and I drank more of the Tempranillo Rosado.


  1. What a fabulous garden! I can’t get over all the green and blooms. Here we are just now approaching budburst with the trees, but for the most part everything is still just dead sticks in the sky, and blooming flowers a distant hope in the future.

  2. I agree with Dale!
    I love your paths–with names.
    I read your rose garden caption first as going with the pig photos. 🙂
    Martin is a treasure!

  3. What beauty!
    Great work by Martin! The paths and EVERYTHING looks lovely! 🙂
    Love the pigs that think getting IN the trough is the best way to go! Ha!
    (((HUGS))) and hope you are feeling even betterer today! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    PS… I saw some owls in your photos!!! YAY!!!

  4. Great work, Martin! I so love the natural design of your garden with its winding paths. The blue flowers in the rose garden are my favorites.

  5. The red acer is beautiful and yes I agree with all the other comments that Martin and other volunteers have created a beautiful sanctuary for you both and others to enjoy.

  6. So colourful!
    Haha, I laughed at the comment from Pleasant Street – pigs in the roses was my initial reaction too!

  7. We have a recreated 1830 village here to show people how it was in earlier New England. They have imported that same pig. Great contrast to the usual ones around here.

  8. What a delightful garden you have, Derrick! All gardens should undulate and have curves and partly clad greenery hovering around steps. So natural and pleasing, compared with the rigid, sculptured variety.

  9. Your garden gets more beautiful by the minute! Thanks for the tour! God bless Martin for all the help he gives you! Loved those photos of spotted pigs!!

  10. It’s funny how we often ignore the beauty of nature that surrounds is till we see someone else do something beautiful with theirs.
    Your garden is so natural and nicely groomed.

    Those piglets are cute

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