Hot And Sunny

Throughout the day the temperature was hot and the skies sunny.

Suddenly the pink climbing rose on the front trellis is blooming.

This morning Martin first retrained the jasmine against the new fence, whilst I dead headed and weeded,

albeit lacking the ability to kneel or the staying power he demonstrated later.

I also produced three other garden views labelled in the gallery. The Wonderful Grandparents rose in the bottom lefthand corner of the first has four clusters of healthy buds.

This evening we repeated last night’s menu and beverage.


  1. Martin is a treasure for your garden! I’m glad you guys got some warm, sunny weather for a change. ????

  2. A pretty pink climbing rose sounds lovely. I have a white one but I haven’t seen a pink one except at a Botanical garden we once visited. Knees can be a bother in the garden. 🙂

  3. Martin does great work! I enjoy all these colorful garden photos, Derrick and Jackie. Our roses, what is left of them, are a long way from blooming.

  4. It is looking more beautiful each day.
    My delight in the warmer weather is the satisfaction of drying laundry outside in a gentle warm breeze.

  5. Beautiful work by Martin and Derrick!! 🙂 Martin has such a joyful smile!
    Love seeing The Wonderful Grandparents rose(s)! So pretty!
    I spotted an owl!
    Hope you all found time to cool off and enjoy some shade.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️

  6. Martin is a real gem and you are lucky to have him. We’ve had some bad storms come through our area. I hope today our weather improves.

  7. Your garden is so beautiful, Derrick. I would love to sit there and have my morning coffee. It’s so wonderful you have Martin to help you. I know he does great work, and he seems such a pleasant person to have around.

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